What themes are compatible with B2BKing?

B2BKing works out-of-the-box with all well-coded WooCommerce themes. Our plugin uses default WooCommerce hooks that all themes implement, so it does not rely on specific code for specific themes.

You can pick any theme here: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/ecommerce/woocommerce

If you are looking for a recommendation: WoodMart and Flatsome are excellent themes, that work well with B2BKing and have good support themes behind them.

B2BKing has been tested with the top most popular themes on the market, including: Flatsome, Porto, Shopkeeper, XStore, WoodMart, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, Bazar Shop, MayaShop, Savoy, Neighbourhood, Basel, Blaszok

B2BKing has also been tested and works with WooThemes themes such as WooStore

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