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How to Keep Your Small Business' WooCommerce Site Secure

April 19, 2021

With over 75 million downloads, WooCommerce powers roughly one-third of all e-commerce websites on the internet, according to weDevs. Its integration with WordPress, ease of use, and useful features make it an ideal e-commerce solution for small businesses. However, anytime a platform becomes popular, it also becomes the target of cybercriminals. WordPress and WooCommerce both offer built-in security features, but there are additional security steps you can take to protect yourself and your customers.

Work with a Reputable Webhost

Your hosting provider's servers are where your website lives. All of the data and files you use to create your website are stored on the host's servers. The host you work with must have adequate security measures to prevent hackers and malware from stealing your data (and your customer’s data) or gaining access to your website.

Because WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, it can be helpful to use a host that specializes in WordPress hosting. Some hosts offer packages that include support from a WordPress expert who can assist you with protecting your site.

A reliable host should offer a variety of security features:

  • SSL certificates
  • Attack prevention and monitoring
  • Backups
  • Server firewall
  • Up-to-date software
  • 24/7 support

Stick to hosts that offer services for small businesses, rather than hosts that cater to personal web pages. Businesses need a higher level of security and reliability than a personal webpage.

Work with a WooCommerce Expert

If you aren't 100 percent comfortable with managing your site's security features on your own, consider hiring an expert to assist you. Factors to consider when choosing a professional to work with include customer reviews, who they have worked with before, experience with your particular type of business, price, and turnaround time.

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Cybercriminals have become very sophisticated in their methods of obtaining login information. Simply using a password, even if it is a strong one, may not be secure enough. Two-factor authentication employs a second security check to guard against your site being accessed by someone who has obtained your password.

A common method of implementing two-factor authentication is to require a code that is sent to your smartphone through an app or text message. This ensures that someone has to have both your password and your smartphone to access your site. It is a good idea to use two-factor authentication on all of your accounts, because if someone gains access to your other accounts, they may be able to obtain information that will help them gain access to your site.

Use Jetpack's Security Tools

Jetpack is a free plugin that comes with your WordPress installation. Some of the individual options require a subscription fee to access, but it may be worthwhile for the added protection. The downtime monitoring, automatic plugin updates, and activity log are free. Spam prevention and malware scanning, meanwhile, are available for a fee.

Keep Your Site Updated

WordPress, WooCommerce, and all of your extensions and plugins need to be kept updated at all times. Otherwise, you may miss critical security updates. Turn on auto-update features where offered and review your site regularly.

Proper security measures are critical for any e-commerce website. Data breaches can cause your site to malfunction, compromise customer data, and ultimately cost you your reputation or even leave you open to a lawsuit. Taking these security steps can help you protect your business and your customers from cyberattacks.

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