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Add Sales Agents to WooCommerce - How to Set Up Agents & Reps with SalesKing

August 25, 2021

Are you a business owner or developer looking to set up an e-commerce platform with full support for sales agents? Are you working on a B2B or wholesale setup? Read on.

Why add sales agents or reps?

In most retail-oriented stores, there's no need for sales representatives, as users shop and place orders for themselves, orders which are often on the lower value side. However, when looking at high value orders, and particularly at B2B or wholesale businesses, reps have an important role to play.

In these setups, agents will do everything from keeping in touch with customers, to advising them, presenting products and taking orders. They are the link between the shop and the customer, and a good relationship between agents and customers becomes essential. A good sales agent can make or break a business.

The challenge

Most e-commerce platforms and setups are built for retail, with little support for B2B features, high value transactions, agents, or affiliate setups.

This is why we built SalesKing: The Ultimate Sales Team, Agents and Reps Plugin for WooCommerce.

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SalesKing aims to solve the sales issues of B2B shops, by adding a large number of sales features, powerful agent dashboard, and a high degree of flexibility in configuration, with support for commissions, earnings, payouts, coupons, affiliate links, messaging, customer and order management, and so much more!

Is WooCommerce the right platform?

If you're still considering which platform is right for your store, here's a breakdown of the most important things to look at.

The most popular platforms today for small to medium size stores are Shopify and WooCommerce. Shopify's approach is one that is very streamlined and aims to take care of everything for the store, making it great for retail and business owners that want to focus on sales without looking at the technical side of the store, or its configuration.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is a powerhouse when it comes to flexibility. For B2B and wholesale setups in particular, flexibility is key, and each configuration and each business is different. This is why we believe WooCommerce is the best possible choice when it comes to complex operations such as B2B or sales agents.

To give just an example, SalesKing has a feature that allows agents to manage orders in the backend (if enabled), and thus take on the role of the shop manager, but strictly limited to orders assigned to them, and without access to anything else. Such a setup can only be possible in WooCommerce, because of its open-source, flexible nature, whereas in Shopify, an agent could not get access to the backend.

SalesKing: Features in Detail

SalesKing aims to be the complete solution for the management of a sales team, agents, or reps within a WooCommerce store. The plugin looks to take care of everything, from automatically setting up a powerful agent dashboard for each agent, to the management of commissions, payouts, orders, affiliate links, message and more.

The plugin is sold with a lifetime license, exclusively on CodeCanyon. Buy once, enjoy it forever, with full access to all future updates.

Incredible Value and Dozens of Features

There's a lot that SalesKing can do, but here are just the highlights:

  • Powerful agent dashboard, where each agent can manage their own customers, orders, earnings, affiliate links, etc.
  • Agents can shop on behalf of customers, with customers only receiving notifications for payment.
  • Agents earn commissions based on powerful, versatile commission rules.
  • Announcements system that admin can use to publish notifications for all reps
  • Messaging system that both reps and shop can use to communicate
  • Each agent can create and manage their own coupons
  • Agents can view their earnings as well as complex charts and reports
  • Agents can negotiate pricing, edit pricing in cart, as well as increase price and pocket bonuses
  • Payouts system with payout methods, configuration, and notification emails
  • Agent Teams allow each agent to recruit subagents, and earn commissions on their sales
  • Shopping carts can be saved and easily shared by reps through a link
  • Each agent can be part of an agent group, and they can also be promoted when they reach particular sales or commission targets.
  • Each customer can choose an agent at registration or automatically be assigned one.
  • Powerful integrations that make it work perfectly with B2BKing, the ultimate B2B & wholesale plugin for WooCommerce.
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Integrating agents in an existing site

SalesKing can be added to any WooCommerce site, new or existing. Then once the plugin is active, you can create agents, groups, as well as assign new or existing customers to agents. The plugin can thus be integrated with any site and does not require any preconditions.

Integrating sales reps in a B2B, B2C or wholesale site

The plugin will work great with both B2B and B2C setups, but it can be particularly useful in a B2B or wholesale configuration. In a B2B site, we recommend you use it together with our powerful B2BKing plugin.

B2BKing enables powerful B2B platforms, by adding a large number of features such as business registration, wholesale prices, product visibility, hiding prices, offers, bulk order form, etc.

SalesKing works great with B2BKing out of the box, and together they can achieve more than either plugin can alone.

  • Customers can be organized in groups, and then each group can be assigned to a sales agent
  • Commission plans can be applied based on groups, with different commissions for each group
  • You can set up agent registration, with options for custom fields, as well as automatic or manual user approval.
  • During B2B customer approval, you can assign a representative to the customer.
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SalesKing Demo and Purchase

You can test SalesKing for yourself through our full live demo.

You can access the backend at:


You can access the frontend agent dashboard at:


Username: demo

Password: demo

The plugin can be purchased via our official site at: https://kingsplugins.com/woocommerce-b2b/salesking/

B2BKing is a product made with passion by SNP Digital, that we are constantly developing, supporting and improving.

Buy B2BKing


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