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#1 B2B & Wholesale

 solution for WooCommerce

Ultimate plugin for B2B and B2B+B2C WooCommerce stores.
  • Works with any WooCommerce site, new or established
  • Perfect for pure B2B and B2B+B2C hybrid stores
  • Powerful dynamic pricing and order rules
  • Wholesale order form, purchase lists, offer bundles
  • Request a quote, guest access restriction
  • Extended B2B registration, messaging, invoice payments
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137+ Features. Most powerful and versatile solution on the market today.

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Best-selling item. Featured on CodeCanyon & leading WP sites.

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Trusted by over 14,000+ businesses.

Small and large businesses, top WordPress agencies, freelancers, and developers 
all choose B2BKing to equip WooCommerce with powerful wholesale capabilities.

The Ultimate B2B Plugin for WooCommerce is here.

The most advanced and feature-rich B2B plugin ever created. 
137+ features & components.

Guest Access Control

Hide prices, hide website, quote request instead of price

Wholesale Order Form

Wholesale business-to-business order form

Request a Quote

Quote requests, negotiation and custom offers

Customer Groups

Organize users in customer groups

B2B Shopping Lists

Create unlimited lists
Add lists to cart directly

EU VAT Support

VIES Validation
VAT registration & billing

Offers & Bundles

Negotiated price offers for users or groups

Tax Exemptions

Tax exemptions for users or groups

Business Approval

Review and approve business registration

B2B Customers Panel

B2B customers management panel

CSV Import / Export Tool

Import and export prices for each business group

Price Display Incl. / Excl. Tax

Display prices including or excluding tax for B2B

B2B + B2C Multisite Support

Separate B2B & B2C sites in multisite

Dynamic Caching & Usage Detection

Dynamic rule caching
Plugin usage detection

Group Prices in Product Page

Set prices for B2B groups per product

Shipping Methods Control

Enable shipping methods by user / group

Product Visibility Control

Full control by group, user, category & product

Payment Methods Control

Enable payment methods by user / group

Easy Reordering System

Easy 1-click reorders
Order notes highlights

Invoice Payment Gateway

Invoice payment gateway for businesses

Advanced Email Notifications

Emails for registration, messages, quotes, etc.

Wholesale Prices

Different prices for different users, discounts, and tiered pricing

Business Registration

Custom fields in registration, billing and checkout


Multiple buyers on account. Permissions system

1-Minute Video Explainer

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Dynamic Rules System

Incredible versatility and control over pricing, discounts, free shipping,
required multiples, minimum
and maximum orders, taxes & fees, and tax exemptions.

Same Product, Different Pricing

For the same product give Apple a price of $49, Samsung $59 and Microsoft $69

Minimum Orders for Different Partners

Set a minimum order of 150 parts for resellers, but only 50 parts for partners

Dynamic Discounts

Give 5% discount on glass products to resellers if they place an order of at least $500

Condition-Based Free Shipping

Offer free shipping to Apple if they order minimum 1,000 microchips, but no more than 20,000



Discounts for specific users or groups and specific products or categories.

Hidden Pricing

Hide prices for certain users or groups, or products or categories.

Dynamic Pricing

Different prices for the same product, as well as tiered pricing setups.

Free Shipping

Free shipping for specific products, users, or groups. Minimum thresholds.

Tax Exemptions

Exempt users or groups from tax. Can be dependent on VIES-Validated VAT ID for the EU.

Zero Tax Products

Set zero tax on specific products or categories, for specific users or groups.

Required Multiple

Products or categories purchasable in multiples of X
Set specific conditions

Min and Max Orders

Min and Max product quantity or value. Can be set for specific users or groups.

Add Taxes / Fees

Add taxes for products, categories, users, or groups. Set based on quantity or value.

Trusted Implementation. 
Long-Term Development and Support.

Trusted B2B Implementation

Fully secure and tested
Continuous support and development

Theme Compatibility

Compatible with any theme. Tested with top WooCommerce themes:

Flatsome, Porto, Shopkeeper, XStore, WoodMart, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, Bazar Shop, MayaShop, Savoy, Neighbourhood, Basel, Blaszok

Vision and Roadmap

Long-term product development roadmap
Monthly updates and enhancements

Built-in messaging.
Messaging system powers inquiries, 
discussions and negotiations.

  • Messaging between admin and customers
  • Conversations section added to My account
  • Deep integration with Quote Requests feature
  • 3 conversation types: message, inquiry, quote request
  • Email notifications for new messages
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Product bundles.
Create offers & bundles for specific users or groups.

  • Create product bundles and set unit prices
  • Make offers available for only specific users or groups
  • Offers appear for each user in their My Account section
  • Offers can be added to cart and purchased immediately
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Custom fields.
Extended B2B registration.
Add custom fields to registration, billing and checkout.

  • Custom registration roles (e.g. factory, reseller, B2B)
  • Automatic or manual approval for each role
  • Custom fields: text, textarea, number, file upload, select, date, telephone, etc.
  • 10 default B2B registration fields
  • Special VAT field with VIES validation integration
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Multiple buyers on account.
Create subaccounts for your company and set relevant permissions per subaccount.

  • Subaccounts can access account pricing and products
  • Set permissions: place order, view orders, view conversations, etc.
  • “Placed by” column shows who placed a particular order
  • Accounts and subaccounts can participate in the same conversations
  • Set name, job title, phone, email, username, password for subaccount
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Wholesale bulk order form.
Fast and powerful with a modern UI.
Instant AJAX Search.

  • AJAX-powered instant search
  • Instant subtotal calculation
  • Shortcode to insert anywhere
  • Save form contents as “purchase list” for later usage
  • “Bulk order form” section added to “My Account”
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Most Powerful WooCommerce B2B Solution Ever Created.
Built for Performance.

High Performance

Fast Dynamic Caching System
 Smart Usage Detection

CSV Import & Export Tool

Download B2B-specific Price Catalogs
Import Group-Based Pricing

Multisite Support

Built-in access restriction between sites
B2B+B2C Multisite Support
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