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Main Features

B2BKing is the most advanced and feature-rich WooCommerce wholesale plugin ever created.

WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B (WooCommerce.com)

Wholesale Suite

Hide prices to guests
Hide website entirely
Extended B2B Registration
Separate B2B and B2C Registration
Request a Quote
Offers & Bundles Feature
Messaging & Conversations
Different Prices by Group
Different Prices by User
Category Visibility Control
Product Visibility Control
Multiple Users on Account
Wholesale Bulk Order Form
Complex Tax Exemptions
B2B Purchase Lists
EU VAT Handling
Via Third-Party Only
B2B+B2C Hybrid Support
Extended Re-Ordering
Payment & Shipping Methods Control
Condition-based Discounts
Invoice Payment Gateway
Role-based Approval
(automatic vs. manual)
Quick CSV Orders
Group-Based Free Shipping
VAT VIES Validation
Via Third-Party Only
Group-Based Taxes & Fees
High-Speed Caching &
Dynamic Usage Detection
CSV Import & Export Tool
Via Third-Party Only
Advanced Email Notifications
(registration, approval, messages, etc)
Search Products by SKU
Dynamic Free Shipping Rules
Zero Tax Product Rules
Add Taxes / Fees
Payment Methods: Discounts, Min, Max Order Rules
Purchase Order Gateway
Product Information Table
Buy X Get 1 Free Discounts
Tiered Pricing
Tiered Pricing Table
This is just a brief list of the main plugin features. B2BKing has dozens of other features and functionalities: complex registration field setup, subaccounts email permissions, hide price for specific products or variations, multilanguage compatibility, multi-user conversations with subaccounts, and many others with a total of over 137+ features. Click for more comparisons / plugins.
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B2BKing is a product made with passion by SNP Digital, that we are constantly developing, supporting and improving.
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