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WooCommerce Catalog Visibility & Product Visibility Options

December 4, 2020

If you are looking to set up product visibility, category visibility, or create unique product catalogs for each of your business users, B2BKing is the perfect solution for your needs.

B2BKing's powerful catalog visibility solution includes:

  • Visibility by Category
  • Visibility by Product
  • Organize business users in groups and set visibility for groups
  • Hide prices for Guests
  • Hide prices for Specific Items, Variations or Categories
  • Content Restriction, Show Different Content to Different Users
  • and 137+ other premium features for wholesale shops.

In this article let's explore the plugin's visibility functionalities and how these work.

B2BKing Category Visibility Panel

As shown in the image above, for each category in the shop you can control visibility for guest users, b2c users, as well as all b2b groups you create such as resellers or small businesses. Furthermore, you can even set visibility directly per specific users by entering their usernames.

The plugin uses a powerful group-based user management system, where you can create unlimited groups and organize users through them.

B2BKing Group Management Interface

Based on group you can set visibility, restrict content, restrict payment or shipping methods, set wholesale prices, discounts, taxes and much more!

Product Visibility Options

The plugin sets visibility by category by default, but you can also set visibility by product. To do so, you can simply go into a product's backend and switch from the default category visibility to manual visibility mode.

Default setup per product:

Category Rules Visibility in Product Page

Manual visibility per product:

Manual Visibility Setting per Product

By setting visibility per each product, this will override category visibility.

In conclusion, the visibility system is powerful, in-depth, and very simple to use. You can use it to configure visibility for individual items for users or groups in any combination to create unique product catalogs for each user. You can also have unique wholesale pricing setups for each user or group.

Meta Data and Bulk Visibility: All settings in B2BKing are controlled through metadata, so you can also bulk import visibility settings. However, this is a complex topic that won't be covered fully in this article. Get in touch with our team for instructions about setting up visibility programmatically.

Hiding Prices and Products for Guests

If you're looking to hide prices or hide products for guest users (logged out), B2BKing has a simple setting that controls Guest User Access Restriction.

You can choose to either hide prices for guests (and replace prices with a custom text such as "Login to view prices"), replace prices with a quote request system, or replace the shop with a Login screen.

Hide Shop Functionality for Guests: "Please Login to Access the B2B Portal"

Quote Request System

You can enable the quote system for guests or for any user or group through the plugin's dynamic rules functionality. Quotes take over the cart, and create a new message in the backend in B2BKing > Conversations. Through conversations you can negotiate with users, and eventually create an offer for them, which they can purchase in their My Account sections.

Quote Request in My Account - > Conversations

Hiding Prices for Specific Items through Dynamic Rules

In a previous section we discussed a simple setting through which prices can be hidden for all items for all guest users. If you would like to hide price per category, or for specific users or groups, you can do so as well, through the plugin's dynamic rules.

In particular, through the dynamic rule "Hidden Price" you can hide prices for items in any combination or setup.

For example, in the image above, price is hidden for all items in the Wines category, for all users in the Resellers group.

Restricting Content for Users or Groups

Another common necessity related to product visibility, is showing different content to different users. B2BKing has a special content restriction shortcode, which you can use anywhere in the site, as well as in places like product descriptions.

For example: through this functionality, you can show some content to logged in B2B users, some different content to users in a special premium group, and a Restriction message to logged out users. Visit the link above to learn more about how this works.

Learn more about B2BKing

B2BKing is packed with 137+ premium features and there is so much more to know about. We built it to be the ultimate wholesale and B2B solution for WooCommerce. Here are just a few of its main features:

  • Wholesale Pricing and Bulk Discounts
  • Tiered Pricing and Tiered Price Table
  • Conversations and Messaging System
  • Tax Exemptions and Displaying Prices with or without tax
  • Invoice Payment Gateway
  • Shipping and Payment Methods Control
  • Wholesale Bulk Order Form
  • Custom Taxes and Withholding Tax
  • Multiple Buyers on Account (Subaccounts)
  • Offers and Product Bundles
  • Purchase Lists (Requisition Lists)
  • and much more!

Click here to learn more about B2BKing!

B2BKing is a product made with passion by SNP Digital, that we are constantly developing, supporting and improving.

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