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WooCommerce Hide Prices Until Logged In & Private Store Plugin

October 27, 2020

In this article let's explore how you can hide prices in a variety of ways, either for the entire shop or for individual products or categories. We'll also look at other private store functions such as product visibility, quote requests and registration approval.

Article Update: New features have been added to hide price by user role and by country

If you're comfortable with coding, you can find some great code snippets for private stores in this article on Setting up a B2B Store from BusinessBloomer.

In this article we'll focus on achieving this with premium plugins.

Hide Prices for Logged Out Users

Whether you're setting up a wholesale store, intranet, or private membership store, hiding prices until logged in might be necessary.

You can get it done with this Private Store Plugin by B2BKing.

Here's what it looks like:

Login to view prices

The plugin shows "Login to view prices" instead of the regular price. The plugin also hides the add to cart button, and replaces it with a simple read more button. Users cannot add products to cart and cannot checkout. It works great with all products: simple, grouped or variable.

In case of a variable product, the add to cart button is grayed out, and prices are replaced for each individual variation:

It's incredibly simple to set it up, simply enable "Hide Prices" in the plugin's Settings panel and you're done:

Hide Price for Specific Products or Specific Categories

If you want to hide prices for only particular products or categories, you can do it with the plugin's Hidden Price dynamic rules. The rules allow you to mix products, and also choose to hide for logged out or logged in users:

Cabernet 2016 and Cabernet Sauvignon are hidden for all logged in users

And here's what the configuration above looks like in the shop page:

The 2 products only are hidden, while the rest of products are unaffected. In the same way categories can be selected, which allows for significant flexibility.

Product Visibility - Hide Products and Hide Categories

If you want to hide products entirely, not just their prices, you can do that with our wholesale plugin. B2BKing is a complete wholesale solution with features for: registration approval, custom registration fields, wholesale order form, tax exemptions and over 100+ other features.

Hiding a category or product is easily done with B2BKing in the product or category page:

Visibility can be controlled for each B2B group that you create (which you can use to organize users through), as well as for B2C and for Guest users.

Hide Shop & Products

Another feature that's available in both the Private Store Plugin and in B2BKing is hiding the shop and products. Here's what that looks like:

When going to the shop page, instead of seeing the regular product loop, users will be greeted with a customizable, "Please login to access the B2B Portal" message, followed by Login and Register panels.

This is super simple to setup, simply go to B2BKing->Settings->Guest Access Restriction and enable "Hide Shop & Products". Users will be completely locked out. If they try to access a product directly they will be sent to the login screen.

Hide Website & Force Login

Another similar, yet different setting is the option to force login. This option completely obscures the site. All users that try to access the site are sent directly to this panel, without being able to see anything else:

This is ideal for intranets or completely private membership stores. This design above can be customized with plugins such as LoginPress. We have used LoginPress to achieve this look in our B2BKing demo page:

Private Store Options: Request a Quote and Registration Approval

If you hide prices, then there must be a way for customers to interact with the store. Typically this is done in 2 possibly ways: either through registrations that are reviewed and approved/reject, or through a system to request quotes. Let's look at how B2BKing handles both these possibilities.

Request a Quote

There are several quote functionalities in B2BKing:

  • Replace prices with quote requests
  • Request a quote button in cart
  • Conversations - Send quote request message

Replacing prices with quotes is the most popular feature. Here's what that looks like:

The cart is completely replaced with a Quotes system, and "Add to Cart" buttons are replaced with Add to Quote buttons. Prices are completely hidden everywhere, and checkout is not possible. In the cart page, the customer can leave his name, email and a message to send out the request with:

The other quote options involve sending a message of "quote" type (part of the Conversations feature of the plugin) and using a quote button in cart, alongside the cart.

The latter allows the cart to work normally, but also shows a quote option, in case the customer wants to place a large order or ask for a special price.

Custom Registration Fields and Registration Approval

Wholesale registration is one of the plugin's most complex features, and consists of several elements:

  • 9 types of custom registration fields: file upload, text, phone, email, etc
  • VAT number special field that supports VIES validation
  • Manual and Automatic Approval depending on User Role
  • Multiple Roles Dropdown and different fields for each role

In the frontend, here's what that looks like:

In the backend, there is also a powerful approval feature, through which users can visualize data and decide on the user's application:

There are a lot of features to discuss here: the ability to show prices including or excluding tax based on the valid VAT number, the ability to show fields in billing and invoices, etc.

Read our dedicated article about the registration feature to better understand how this works.

Or better yet, try it out in our live demo. You can register as a demo user at https://demobk2.wpbay.co/business-registration/ and then visualize your registration data in the backend, with the same login (user: demo password: demo)

Hide Content with Shortcode

Another useful feature that B2BKing adds is the ability to restrict content, in any page, or in the product page to specific groups. Through the shortcode [b2bking_content], you can wrap content and decide who should be able to view it. You can have specific content for Resellers and different content for VIP users for example.

Hide Price by User Role and By Country

The latest 1.1 version of "Private Store by B2BKing" now supports hiding price by user role and by country (based on IP Address).

For example, in the image above, price is hidden for all users from Belgium as well as for users with roles Editor and Resellers, and all logged out users.

This is an extreme example, but it highlights the flexibility of the plugin and how you can achieve many different outcomes.

B2BKing is a product made with passion by SNP Digital, that we are constantly developing, supporting and improving.

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