How does B2BKing compare with other B2B & Wholesale plugins? (Comparison Table)

B2BKing vs WholesaleX (2024) #

WholesaleX is a new B2B plugin for WooCommerce, with similar functionalities to B2BKing. We look at how it compares with B2BKing, examining features, design, and implementation.

This comparison was written in 2024, using the latest versions of both plugins at the time of writing: B2BKing v4.8.65 and WholesaleX v1.2.18.

Comparison Table #

We found that while WholesaleX certainly has an impressive set of features, it is hardly a match for B2BKing's 139+ features and functions:

Reports / Analytics
Registration Form
VAT Number Support
Invoice Payment Gateway
Product / Category Visibility
Page Visibility by Group
Content Restriction Shortcode
(Different Content for B2B & B2C)
Offer PDFs - Logo Branded
EU VIES Validation
Quick Orders by CSV Upload
Purchase Order Gateway
Product and Cart Discounts
Custom Information Table
Price Import / Export Tool
Min and Max Quantities
Box Quantity (Quantity Step)
MSRP / RRP Display
Tiered Pricing and Table
Tiered Price Rules
Bulk Order Form
Purchase Lists
Order Form Themes
B2B / B2C Coupon Value
Quote Requests
Quote Fields / Custom Form
Quote Form Shortcode
Raise Price Dynamic Rules
Private Store Functionality
Price by Individual User (Fixed Price)
Tax Exemption Rules
Set Currency Rules
Tax Rules Based on VAT
Quotes on Specific Products
Company Credit (Line of Credit)Wallet System
Sales Reps / Agents (SalesKing)

Features Side by Side #

We also examined how features are implemented, drawing comparisons between similar functionalities. Below is a side-by-side comparison of some key features:

1. Dashboard

B2BKing Dashboard
WholesaleX Dashboard

2. Bulk Order Form

B2BKing Order Form (Cream Theme)
B2BKing Order Form (Classic Theme)
WholesaleX Order Form

3. Subaccounts

B2BKing Subaccounts
WholesaleX Subaccounts

4. Dynamic Rules

B2BKing Rules
WholesaleX Rules

5. Groups (Roles)

B2BKing Groups
WholesaleX Roles

Other Comparisons: Wholesale Suite, WooCommerce B2B #

Looking for a comparison of B2BKing vs Wholesale Suite vs WooCommerce B2B? Look no further - below you can find a simple and comprehensive comparison table:

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