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WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form - #1 Bulk Order Plugin

September 27, 2021

Update - April 2022: Wholesale order form themes have been introduced: Indigo Theme and Cream Theme. Read more about these here.

Indigo theme:

Cream theme:

Cream theme also supports showing SKU and Stock levels via shortcode parameters:

Update - September 2021: The order form now also supports images in searches

If you are looking for a way to allow wholesale customers to easily and quickly place orders, look no further: B2BKing is the ultimate B2B and wholesale plugin for WooCommerce.

Bulk Order Form in My Account

With a sleek, easy-to-use interface, powerful functionality, and seamless integration into the WooCommerce environment, the B2BKing wholesale order form is a complete solution.

The plugin automatically creates a section for the bulk order form in My Account. However, the form can easily be added to any page by simply using a shortcode: [b2bking_bulkorder]

Furthermore, since the plugin has both a b2b mode and a b2b&b2c hybrid mode, the bulk order form will only be shown to b2b users when using the hybrid functionality.

Search by SKU

The plugin allows to switch between searching by product name, and searching by SKU. The latter is ideal for business customers who often know exactly the model and number of what they're looking for. It also makes repeat orders quick and simple.

Search by SKU functionality

Search by SKU is done easily and intuitively through a dropdown, and can also be enabled or disabled in settings. The plugin will search for similar strings to what the user is searching for and return the top 10 closest matches. Subtotals are then calculated instantly and the user can add the item(s) to cart in needed quantities.

Search by Product Name and Product Description

You can also search by product name (title), as well as search product descriptions. Whether search should also query descriptions can be controlled in plugin settings.

B2BKing Bulk Order Form Settings Panel

You can also enable "accounting subtotals", which displays accurate subtotals with correct currency and formatting (since formatting can be different across currencies)

Instant AJAX Search

The plugin finds products on-the-spot with an instant AJAX search functionality, and displays the most accurate matches, which the users can then select and add to cart, or save as purchase lists for later usage.

Multiple products in the order form + accounting subtotals

The search will only display products that are in stock or available on backorder - in other words only purchasable products.

This also integrates with the plugin's "product visibility" functionality, so that search only returns products / categories that are visible to the B2B group the user is part of. This level of integration across all plugin features is the reason B2BKing is a powerful and versatile wholesale solution.

Variation Support

Variable products are also supported in the wholesale order form, and the plugin will display all individual variations of a product when you are searching for its name or SKU. The search will only return variations that are purchasable and in stock.

This also applies to visibility settings: if you make certain variations invisible to a user's group, the search will only return visible variations.

Variation support in the bulk order form

All variations, colors, sizes and possibilities are displayed in the form in all combinations so that users can easily choose the right option.

Purchase Lists (Wishlists) and Reorders

Since all plugin features are integrated with each other, the bulk order form is naturally connected with the purchase list functionality. Through purchase lists, customers can save product combinations and re-order these at any time from their my account section.

Purchase lists panel in My Account

Purchase lists are unique to each users and essentially function as "wishlists". These lists can be users to replenish stock and place repetitive orders, which are critical for business customers.

Purchase lists can also be created directly from the cart. The plugins adds a "save as purchase list" button in the cart, so that users can save cart contents and easily place the same orders later.

"Save as purchase list" button in cart

Purchase lists are added automatically to "My Account", which can be controlled in settings. You can enable or disable any plugin component, for maximum versatility, in order to suit your particular project.

Whether you are a developer, agency, or business owner, B2BKing is designed to allow you to add complex and powerful functionalities, which are seamlessly integrated and mixed.

Product Visibility

In wholesale and business-to-business e-commerce you want to display specific, customized price catalogs for each business customer. You may want to make certain product only available to your VIP customers, or you may want to completely hide a product category to a customer group or individual customer.

B2BKing has a powerful built-in visibility functionality that allows you to set visibility per category, product, user, and user group in all combinations for incredible versatility.

Groups panel in B2BKing

You can create an unlimited number of business groups and assign users to these groups. After you create groups, you can then control visibility for logged out users, b2c users, and for each individual business group, for each product and category.

Category visibility panel in B2BKing

You can set visibility per category for a simple streamlined approach, or make it even more complex, and set visibility manually for particular products in the product backend panel.

Manual product visibility settings in the product panel, for groups and for users

The WooCommerce wholesale order form perfectly integrates with the plugin's visibility functionality and will only show products that are visible and accessible to the particular user or user group of the current customer.

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices -Different Prices for Different Users

Another critical aspect in wholesale and b2b e-commerce is being able to offer different prices to different users for the same products. B2BKing has more than 5 ways to set wholesale prices: directly in the product page, through CSV import, through discounts, bulk discounts, as well as fixed price rules and tiered pricing structures.

This is a complex topic and you can read more about it in the article linked above.

The simplest way to set wholesale prices is directly in the product page, where the plugin adds separate price fields for each business group that you create with B2BKing.

Different prices for different user groups

An important feature of the wholesale order form is that it will show to each user the price that is assigned to them or their group, taking into account discounts and special pricing.


The plugin also allows you create product bundles (offers) which each user will see in their my account sections if the offer is visible to them. Therefore you can offer many combinations and set unit price for each item.

Offer example created with the plugin

These offers can be made visible to certain business groups, and even to a specific individual user.

This functionality works great when used with the "Conversations" functionality of the plugin: an in-built messaging system that allows user conversations, negotiation, and quote requests. Following a quote request or negotiation you can create a specific offer for any user, which they can then add to cart.

About the plugin

B2BKing is a complete b2b and wholesale solution with over 137+ features that are seamlessly integrated to deliver the ultimate wholesale experience for your WooCommerce store. Among the most important features are:

  • Wholesale Order Form
  • Request a Quote
  • Conversations and Messaging
  • Offers (Product Bundles)
  • Category and Product Visibility
  • Purchase Lists
  • Powerful Dynamic Rules for Order, Tax, Discounts, Shipping and more.
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Business Approval: Automatic and Manual
  • Business Registration
  • VAT nr. and VIES validation for EU countries
  • Invoice Payment Gateway
  • much, much more.

Buy B2BKing today and start building your wholesale project with the best WooCommerce wholesale plugin ever created.

B2BKing is a product made with passion by SNP Digital, that we are constantly developing, supporting and improving.

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