Wholesale Bulk Order Form

What is a bulk order form? #

A bulk order form is prevalent and useful in B2B commerce and e-commerce. It allows companies and users to order quickly, especially as companies often know exactly what they're looking for, are repeating an order, or know exactly what SKUs they're searching for.

How B2BKing implements the bulk order form #

B2BKing provides a wholesale, quick, bulk-order form that you can insert anywhere in the website. This form is also inserted by default in every user's "My Account" in WooCommerce.

Wholesale bulk order form in the My Account section
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The bulk order form is powered by a fast, instant AJAX-search. The user just searches for the product, and it instantly appears in the search box. After a quantity is inserted, the subtotal is instantly, automatically calculated.

AJAX Instant Search Bulk Order Form

The content of a bulk order form can either be added to cart or saved as a purchase list, for easy, fast access later. To learn more about purchase lists, check out the dedicated article in this documentation.

Update - April 2022: Wholesale order form themes have been introduced. Read more about these here.

Indigo theme:

Cream theme:

Enabling and disabling the bulk order form #

The bulk order form in the My account section can be enabled or disabled in B2BKing's Settings panel.

Enable bulk order form setting in B2BKing's settings panel

Bulk Order Form Shortcode #

To insert the form anywhere in the website, you can use this shortcode: [b2bking_bulkorder]

To use specific themes you can use the theme parameter:

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=indigo]

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream]

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=classic]

You can exclude specific items by using the exclude parameter (this is only available for the cream and indigo themes).

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream exclude=432,983]

The exclude parameter also supports categories, by entering them as 'category_123', where 123 is the category ID. For example [b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream exclude=12,category_34] will exclude the product with ID 12, and all products that belong to the category with ID 34.

You can choose a specific category by mentioning its ID

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream category=123]

This will make the shortcode only show products from the category with ID 123

You can also select multiple categories by separating them with a comma:

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream category=123,332]

If you are looking to show only a specific list of products (only those products and none else), you can use:

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream product_list="49, 188"]

Here 49 and 188 are examples of product IDs. The above shortcode will limit the list to these 2 products.

Another parameter you can use is the sortby parameter: this helps you control how items are sorted by default. The 3 options available are: atoz, ztoa, bestselling. The first 2 sort it alphabetically from a to z, or from z to a, while the last one puts the most sold items first.

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream sortby=bestselling]

NEW! Filter by Attributes (B2BKing 4.6.50+): #

You can now add a new filter by attributes area, for example to filter by color or size:

You can set the attributes and the text of the button in the shortcode:

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream attributes="color,size" attributestext="Color / Size"]

attributes = 
contains a comma-separated list of attribute slugs you want to include in the shortcode

attributestext = contains the actual text of the button. It defaults to "Attributes", but you can set a custom text

Modify the bulk order form shortcode on the My Account page #

The my account page uses the default [b2bking_bulkorder] shortcode, without any parameters. You may want to set certain parameters in order to choose specific categories, products, etc.

To do this, you can use the following code snippet:

add_filter('b2bking_my_account_bulkorder_shortcode', function($val){
	$shortcode = '[b2bking_bulkorder]';
	return $shortcode;
}, 10, 1);

You can modify the shortcode within the above snippet.

This code snippet can be added to functions.php or by using any snippets plugin.

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