Order Form Themes & Styling

Starting with B2BKing version 4.1.5, there are now themes you can choose from in the order form. There's the 'Classic' theme that requires you to search for products:

And two new themes, 'Indigo', and 'Cream' have been added. These themes show all products by default (limited to 100) rather than require you to search for items first.

Indigo theme:

Cream theme:

The Classic theme may be a better fit for stores with large numbers of products, whereas the Indigo or Cream theme may be a better fit for stores with only a small number of products (since these themes try to display all products by default).

How to switch between themes #

To switch the theme for the order form shown by default, you can go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Order Form, and change the value in the 'Order Form Theme' dropdown:

Bulk order form shortcode #

You can show the order form anywhere by using the plugin's [b2bking_bulkorder] shortcode.

You can also choose the theme displayed by using the theme parameter:

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=indigo]

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream]

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=classic]

(New!) The Cream theme now also supports showing SKU and Stock Quantities:

To do this, use sku=yes or/and stock=yes in your shortcode, e.g.:

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream sku=yes]

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream stock=yes]

[b2bking_bulkorder theme=cream sku=yes stock=yes]

When these additional columns are added to the form, we recommend you make sure the form is displayed on a wide page, so it has enough room to display everything nicely.

It is also possible to display out of stock items on the order form. To do that, add the following PHP code snippet to your site:


Indigo and Cream Theme Product Names #

By default, the indigo theme will show the SKU or product ID in the product name. If you'd like to remove this for a cleaner look, you can add the following PHP code snippet to your site:

add_filter('b2bking_bulkorder_indigo_search_name_display', function($name, $product){
	$name = $product->get_name();
	return $name;
}, 10, 2);
add_filter('b2bking_bulkorder_cream_search_name_display', function($name, $product){
	$name = $product->get_name();
	return $name;
}, 10, 2);

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