"Request a Custom Quote" Cart Button

B2BKing enables your store to display a "Request custom quote" button on the cart page. This can be used alongside the normal cart and direct purchasing functionality.

For B2B stores and large complex orders, this supplements the typical Add to Cart system, giving your customers the choice between purchasing outright and requesting a quote for a larger order.

Note: It is also possible to have a quote-only shop, as well as hide prices, or to enable quotes on specific products or categories only.

Button Display #

The design / display of the button will adapt to each theme.

Example: Storefront Theme

Custom Request A Quote Button in Cart with Storefront theme

Example 2: Savoy Theme

Custom Request A Quote Button in Cart with Savoy theme

Button Settings #

You can control this button in B2BKing -> Settings -> Other -> Quote Requests, where it can be enabled or disabled for B2B and B2C users.

Button Settings in B2BKing->Settings

Request Quote Functionality #

Upon clicking the button, a user will see a customisable quote form.

Send custom quote request functionality

Once the user clicks "Send custom quote request", a new conversation will be opened, and the website admin can message directly with the customer. The admin can also create a custom offer for the user through B2BKing's Offers feature - the customer will receive the offer and can choose to purchase it directly.

Conversation opened after the custom quote request is sent

B2BKing 3.8.0 Update - New Features #

Version 3.8.0 of B2BKing brings some exciting new improvements and enhancements to quote requests and how quote requests work. The main features introduced are:

  • You can easily convert quote requests to offers / quotes
  • You can email these offers easily to users, incl. guest users
  • Users can download PDF files of your offers, with your company Logo

Quote Form Shortcode #

You can add the quote request form to any page, by adding the following shortcode:


Additional Info #

Learn more about quote request functionality in B2BKing by viewing our primary "How Quote Requests Work" documentation.

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