"Request a Custom Quote" Cart Button

B2BKing enables your store to display a new button in the Cart named "Request a Custom Quote". For B2B stores and large complex orders, this supplements the typical Add to Cart system.

What this button looks like:

Custom Request A Quote Button in Cart

Button Settings #

You can control this button in B2BKing->Settings-> Other -> Quote Requests. You can either disable it or enable it for B2B or B2C users.

Button Settings in B2BKing->Settings

Button Functionality #

Upon clicking the button, a user will see a text box, and will have the option to send a message.

Send custom quote request functionality

Once the user hits "Send Quote Request", a new conversation will be opened, and the website admin can message with the user. The website admin can also create a custom offer for the user through B2BKing's Offers feature.

Conversation opened after the custom quote request is sent

B2BKing 3.8.0 Update - New Features #

Version 3.8.0 of B2BKing brings some exciting new improvements and enhancements to quote requests and how quote requests work. The main features introduced are:

  • Easily convert quote requests to offers / quotes
  • Email these offers easily to users, incl. guest users
  • Users can download PDF files of your offers, with your company Logo
  • You can now configure custom quote fields for the quote form, by choosing from 9 types of fields: text, textarea, number, file upload, etc.

How to Add & Manage Custom Quote Fields #

Go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other -> Quote Requests -> click on Manage Quote Form Fields

Then you can set up as many fields as you want:

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