What are conversations? #

Conversations are a feature introduced by B2BKing provide a built-in messaging system. This allows easy communication between the website administration (admin) and users (customers or companies).

Why conversations? #

B2B e-commerce has unique challenges and each B2B relationship is unique. Therefore easy and constant communication is critical. In B2B e-commerce it's also important to negotiate and discuss each unique, individual situation.

How B2BKing implements conversations #

B2BKing introduces a messaging system in both the admin backend and in the user's my account. A conversation can either be a "quote request", a "message" or an "inquiry". This is complimented by email notifications when new messages are sent.

Conversations section in My account #

B2BKing adds a "Conversations" section in a user's My account in WooCommerce.

Conversations in a user's My account section
An individual conversation in the My account view

Conversations in the admin backend #

The website administrator can also respond to conversations or start conversations and users will be notified whenever a new conversation is started.

Conversations in the admin backend
Individual conversation in the admin backend

Quotes, Inquiries and Messages #

The "Request a Quote" feature is deeply integrated with Conversations in B2BKing. A quote request starts a conversation, where the quote request, quantities and specific situation of the customer can be discussed and negotiated.

A conversation can also be an inquiry or message. Conversations can be started by the user or by the admin.

Starting a new conversation can be done in every user's My Account section

Email notifications #

Whenever a conversation is started or new message is sent, B2BKing sends an email notification, to either the admin (for a quote request for example), or the the user. This email notification can be enabled or disabled in WooCommerce's "Email" settings.

New message/conversation notification in WooCommerce Email Settings
Individual email notification

Enabling and disabling conversations #

Conversations can be enabled or disabled through the dedicated setting in B2BKing's Settings panel.

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