About Conversations #

B2BKing introduces its own built-in messaging system, also known as "Conversations". Through conversations, the shop manager can discuss with customers, send and receive messages, negotiate, respond to quote requests or inquiries, and much more.

This feature addresses the unique communication challenges of B2B e-commerce, as each situation and B2B relationship is unique. Constant, easy communication is therefore critical.

How Conversations Work #

B2BKing introduces a messaging system in both the admin backend and in each user's my account panel. A conversation can either be a "quote request", a "message" or an "inquiry".

Conversations in a user's My account panel
An individual conversation in the My account panel

Note: When using subaccounts (employee accounts), multiple team members from the same company can participate in a conversation.

Conversations in the Admin Backend #

The website admin / shop manager can also start conversations and users will be notified whenever a new conversation is started.

Conversations list in the admin backend
Individual conversation in the admin backend

Likewise, when a customer initiates a conversation or sends a response, it will be visible in the admin backend under "Conversations" and "Dashboard".

New message notifications

On the B2BKing dashboard, new messages are also visible:

New messages in B2BKing admin dashboard

Quotes, Inquiries and Messages #

In B2BKing, the "Request a Quote" feature is deeply integrated with Conversations. A quote request starts a conversation, and then the quote request and specific situation / order can be discussed and negotiated.

A conversation can also be an inquiry or message. Conversations can be started by the user or by the admin.

Starting a new conversation in customer's My Account section

Email Notifications #

Whenever a conversation is started or new message is sent, B2BKing sends an email notification, to either the admin (e.g. for a quote request), or the the customer. This email notification can be enabled or disabled in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails -> "New message / conversation".

New message/conversation email in WooCommerce Email Settings
Individual email notification

Enabling and Disabling Conversations #

Conversations can be enabled or disabled through the dedicated setting in B2BKing's Settings panel.

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