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Is B2BKing translateable? WPML compatibility - How to translate with WPML

Update, August 2022: For the latest information on translating admin texts, or translating custom registration fields and roles with WPML, please see our article here: https://woocommerce-b2b-plugin.com/docs/translate-b2bking-with-wpml/ B2BKing is a WooCommerce extension that provides a complete wholesale solution for any B2B or B2B/B2C hybrid store. The plugin is 100% translatable and built in accordance to WordPress […]

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How to enable Net 30 Payment Terms in WooCommerce (B2B)

B2BKing has a built-in Invoice Payments feature that will allow your business customers to check out, while choosing to pay later / receive an invoice at a later time. By default, this method does not mention specific terms, but the method is editable and you can enter any terms and conditions in the description. For […]

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MarketKing - WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solution

We're excited to announce the launch of our new multivendor marketplace solution! MarketKing allows you to create a stylish, feature-rich marketplace, where multiple sellers can manage and publish their own products. MarketKing adds a stunning vendor dashboard for each of your vendors, where they can manage everything from products, orders and coupons, to earnings, refunds, […]

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Where to purchase B2BKing - Resellers and Nulled versions.

We are currently selling B2BKing exclusively through Envato Market (Codecanyon.net). There are a number of other websites online that are either offering B2BKing freely, or charging various amounts. All such sites have no affiliation with us, and are infringing on our copyright. The software downloaded from such sites may be dangerous, modified, and may contain […]

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B2BKing in 2022 and beyond: roadmap and improvements

Happy New Year! We're excited about the updates and improvements we have in store for B2BKing in 2022. Here are some of the features and options we're looking to add. Additional bulk order form design option that shows all products. This is a very requested feature, practical for shops that have a small number of […]

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WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form - #1 Bulk Order Plugin

Update - April 2022: Wholesale order form themes have been introduced: Indigo Theme and Cream Theme. Read more about these here. Indigo theme: Cream theme: Cream theme also supports showing SKU and Stock levels via shortcode parameters: Update - September 2021: The order form now also supports images in searches If you are looking for […]

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WooCommerce Request a Quote - Plugin for Business & Wholesale

September 2021 Update: Version 3.8.0 of B2BKing adds some exciting new improvements and enhancements to Quote Requests. You can now: Directly convert quote requests you receive into offers/quotes You can also email offers to users Users can download offers as PDF files with your company logo You can now add custom quote fields to the […]

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Add Sales Agents to WooCommerce - How to Set Up Agents & Reps with SalesKing

Are you a business owner or developer looking to set up an e-commerce platform with full support for sales agents? Are you working on a B2B or wholesale setup? Read on. Why add sales agents or reps? In most retail-oriented stores, there's no need for sales representatives, as users shop and place orders for themselves, […]

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Tips & Tricks: Make 'Fixed Price' rule have priority over discounts.

By default, if you combine fixed price rules with discount rules, they will combine in their effects. For example, if you have a product that costs $500 for regular users, and you have 2 rules: -> fixed price: $250 for B2B users -> discount: 50% for B2B users The results is that the price will […]

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How to Keep Your Small Business' WooCommerce Site Secure

With over 75 million downloads, WooCommerce powers roughly one-third of all e-commerce websites on the internet, according to weDevs. Its integration with WordPress, ease of use, and useful features make it an ideal e-commerce solution for small businesses. However, anytime a platform becomes popular, it also becomes the target of cybercriminals. WordPress and WooCommerce both […]

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