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B2BKing Version 3.3 Release

Version 3.3 of the plugin is now live on CodeCanyon. Click here for how to update the plugin. Here are the major changes in this version: New Dynamic Rule: Buy X Get 1 Free Discounts. Example: Buy 5, get 1 free. New Dynamic Rule: Payment Method Discount. Offer your customers a discount for choosing to […]

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B2BKing Version 3.1 Release

B2BKing's 3.1 update is here and it's a big one! Several new features are introduced: Purchase Order Gateway Quick Orders via CSV Upload Purchase List Downloads as CSV Added option for Separate My Account page for B2B Users. Added Tool to set users as Subaccounts of a parent user in bulk Furthermore there are some […]

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WooCommerce Wholesale Prices: The Definitive Guide

This article is for any developer, WP agency or non-coder business owner that is using WooCommerce for their project, but needs a way to set up complex wholesale pricing (which WooCommerce doesn't provide by default). We'll look at all relevant solutions: plugin solutions, as well as writing custom code and the right hooks to use […]

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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for Wholesale & B2B Stores

Setting up a system of discounts and dynamic pricing is a common necessity for B2B or wholesale stores. You may want to give better prices to your wholesale users, special discounts, or special incentives for purchasing a minimum quantity or volume of items. This is usually difficult to set up with WooCommerce and even more […]

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WooCommerce Catalog Visibility & Product Visibility Options

If you are looking to set up product visibility, category visibility, or create unique product catalogs for each of your business users, B2BKing is the perfect solution for your needs. B2BKing's powerful catalog visibility solution includes: Visibility by Category Visibility by Product Organize business users in groups and set visibility for groups Hide prices for […]

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WooCommerce Role Based Pricing - Prices by User Role

Are you looking to set up different prices for different users, based on user role? We have a better solution: prices by user group. How does it work? It's simple: each user group has its own pricing fields in the product backend. You can create unlimited groups and organize users however you want, as well […]

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WooCommerce Wholesale Registration - Custom Business Registration Form

In this article let's look at how you can set up wholesale registration for your WooCommerce shop, with multiple registration options (e.g. reseller, wholesaler, etc) and custom fields. B2BKing is a WooCommerce wholesale plugin that adds 137+ premium features, enabling a complete B2B setup: registration, wholesale prices, product visibility, hiding prices from guests, discounts, invoice […]

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WooCommerce Different Prices for Different Users

Showing different prices to different users in WooCommerce is a common setup, particularly for wholesale and b2b stores, but not only. In this article we'll show you how to set this up with our free, and premium plugins. While many plugins set prices by user role, B2BKing uses a powerful group system, and you can […]

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WooCommerce Minimum Order - Quantity and Amount

In this article we will explore how to set a minimum order quantity or minimum order amount in your WooCommerce store. You can do this with our premium plugin, B2BKing, by creating dynamic rules. The plugin enables minimum order rules per product or per category, for all users, individual users, or specific groups. You can […]

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WooCommerce Tiered Pricing & Price Table

Introduced in B2BKing version 2.2.0, tiered pricing and tiered price tables are a powerful addition to any WooCommerce wholesale store. Through tiered pricing you can set different prices for each quantity range. Furthermore, each group in B2BKing can have its own ranges and prices for a high degree of flexibility and versatility. What can you […]

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