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Free Plugins: B2BKing Wholesale and Private Store

We have released 2 free plugins in the WordPress.org repository: Private Store for WooCommerce: https://wordpress.org/plugins/b2bking-private-store-for-woocommerce/ B2BKing Wholesale (B2BKing Lite) : https://wordpress.org/plugins/b2bking-wholesale-for-woocommerce/ You can use the plugins to test B2BKing functionality as well as get a preview in case you're undecided about your purchase. To get the full version, B2BKing Premium, you can have it today […]

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B2BKing: Wholesale for Dokan MultiVendor MarketPlace

If you're looking for a powerful wholesale solution for your multivendor site, we have released an integration with the most popular multivendor solution out there: Dokan MultiVendor Marketplace. Click here to get the addon: https://codecanyon.net/item/b2bking-b2b-and-wholesale-for-dokan-multivendor-marketplace-addon/28719800 B2BKing for Dokan will transform your Dokan marketplace into a Wholesale / B2B MultiVendor Marketplace, and allow your vendors to […]

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B2BKing Release 2.4.0: Updates and Improvements

We recently released the 2.4.0 update for the plugin. Here are some of the changes and improvements that are included in this, and in the previous plugin version: Speed improvements for dynamic rules. Significant performance improvements have been included in 2.4.0. These are particularly important for discount dynamic rules. VAT Validation in checkout. You can […]

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B2BKing Release 2.2.0 - New Features Introduced

The latest B2BKing update is perhaps the biggest ever with many massive new features. Among the most important: Tiered Pricing Directly in Product Backend Tiered Pricing Table automatically generated in the frontend, adapts to any theme Custom Information Table for each product: you can now highlight any custom information or rules (e.g. MSRP, Min Order, […]

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B2BKing Nulled: The DANGERS and reasons you should NEVER use it.

If you're here you probably know what nulled plugins are: unofficial, pirated versions of WordPress plugins. If you are tempted to use nulled plugins, you should first fully understand the dangers of doing this. The Facts: Who distributes nulled plugins, and why? The simple reality is: Those who spread around pirated / nulled versions of […]

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WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form - #1 Bulk Order Plugin

If you are looking for a way to allow wholesale customers to easily and quickly place orders, look no further: B2BKing is the ultimate B2B and wholesale plugin for WooCommerce. With a sleek, easy-to-use interface, powerful functionality, and seamless integration into the WooCommerce environment, the B2BKing wholesale order form is a complete solution. The plugin […]

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B2BKing is the Featured Item of the Week on Envato Market

Featured on Envato Market Within a short time, B2BKing has become one of the most trending and popular B2B and wholesale plugins of 2020. B2BKing has been hand-picked by Envato and has been listed on the CodeCanyon Front Page as a featured item Weekly Best Seller B2BKing is a weekly bestseller item on Envato Market.We […]

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B2BKing Presentation Video

Check out our awesome new presentation video for B2BKing. Learn everything about the best WooCommerce B2B and Wholesale plugin on the market in a short, 1-minute video:

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10 Features Your WooCommerce B2B Store Must Have in 2021

1. Shopping Lists / Purchase Lists B2B e-commerce is about speed and versatility. Business customers want to order their products or replenish their stock in as little time as possible, and immediately find what they need. Purchase lists are a critical part of that. Your e-commerce b2b store must have a way for customers to […]

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Is B2BKing translateable? WPML compatibility - How to translate with WPML

B2BKing is a WooCommerce extension that provides a complete wholesale solution for any B2B or B2B/B2C hybrid store. The plugin is 100% translatable and built in accordance to WordPress coding standards and WordPress internationalization standards. The plugin is also compatible with WPML, and you can use WPML to set up a multi-language online store, to […]

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B2BKing is a product made with passion by SNP Digital, that we are constantly developing, supporting and improving.
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