Add custom fields to quote requests

Default Quote Request Fields #

By default, the plugin has 3 quote request fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Message

Note: Default fields cannot be removed. They are added dynamically by the plugin. Name and email are only requested for logged out users. Logged in users will see only the message field.

Add custom fields to quote requests #

Besides the default fields, you can also configure your own custom quote fields. To do this, first go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other -> Quote Requests -> and click on "Manage Quote Form Fields".

You will see a Custom Quote Field panel where you can add any number of custom fields:

You can choose from 9 types of custom fields: text, textarea, number, date, phone number, email, checkbox, select, file upload. Fields can be re-ordered through the Drag & Drop tool.

For each field, you can also control visibility, and which groups can see which fields. For example, this allows you to show a field to "B2B" users, but not to "Resellers" or "Logged Out" users. This is achieved through the "Field Visibility" dropdown.

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