Wholesale Discounts: How to apply a percentage discount on all products

Note: This article is written for the Core (Free) version of B2BKing. The Pro version has additional options and features.

First of all, you must install and activate the free B2BKing plugin. You can find it by simply going to Plugins -> Add New and searching for it:

Now you may be creating new products or you may have existing products on your site. For example let's say we have the following 3 standard WooCommerce products:

As you can see, their prices are $499, $200 and $150. This is a standard B2C price that all users can see by default.

Now let's see how we can give a 10% discount to wholesale buyers on these products, without having to manually edit each one. To do this:

-> Go to B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules and click 'Create new rule'

Now choose the following options:

As you can see, we have chosen:

  • Discount Percentage
  • Cart Total (/all products)
  • All registered B2B users
  • 10%

and importantly we have enabled the 'Discounted Price Becomes Sale Price" checkbox:

We save the rule, and in order to see the changes we log in as a B2B user, as this rule was set to apply to B2B users only.

For each user, you can choose whether they are B2C or B2B on their user profile page. To change a user from B2C to B2B, go to their profile page and scroll down to 'Customer Group':

User is B2C

You can change the group to B2B and save the user profile:

User is now B2B

Now if our user is B2B, we can refresh the shop page and we will see the following:

Prices after applying the wholesale discount

Every single product now has a 10% discount that has been calculated automatically.

When configuring the rule you can also enter a 'Discount name':

Configuring a discount name

If we set it to 'B2B Discount' this appears instead of the 'Sale!' badge:

Sale badge takes discount name

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