Payment Method Discounts and Surcharges

B2BKing allows your buyers to offer a discount, or charge a surcharge when purchasing with particular payment methods. For example you can offer a 5% discount for paying with bank transfer, or a 10% surcharge for paying with PayPal.

This can be set up through dynamic rules, by going to B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules in the site backend.

Adding a payment method discount #

For example, here is a 10% discount rule for paying with Cash on Delivery:

Payment method discount rule example

Here's what that looks like in the frontend:

Adding a payment method surcharge #

Similarly, to add a surcharge (extra charge) for a particular method, you can create the same rule as above, but enter a negative value (E.g. -10) in the dynamic rule.

For example, here is a 20% surcharge rule for paying with COD:

And this is what it looks like in the frontend:

Dynamic Rule Configuration #

The dynamic rule can be configured as either an amount (fixed / flat, e.g. $20), or a percentage from the total (e.g. 5%)

Furthermore, the rule can be set to apply only for specific users or user groups. For example you can offer a 5% discount to your B2B users when they pay directly via credit card.

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