How to use WP Roles with B2BKing

By default B2BKing does not use WP roles (such as 'customer', 'editor', etc.). Instead, the plugin uses its own groups to organize customers - this has various advantages such as reduced conflicts.

However, for compatibility with other plugins that use roles, you may want B2BKing to also sync its groups with a WP role.

You can achieve this in 3 steps:

1. Install a plugin that adds support for multiple roles. We recommend

2. Add the following PHP code snippet to your site:


3. Now deactivate, and reactivate the B2BKing Pro plugin.

That's it. You will now find the plugin has created a WP Role for each B2BKing Group. From now on, the plugin will try to constantly sync group and role automatically, whenever a user is created, saved, etc.

However, for existing users, you may need to manually sync the role initially. One quick way to do this is to simply save users - this will also sync the group and role.

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