How "Request a Quote" works in B2BKing

Quote Request Flow #

Let's take a look at a typical quote request and the flow of how it works: adding the quote product to basket, requesting the quote, negotiating, sending and purchasing an offer.

Note: the following is the flow for a logged in user, it works slightly differently for a logged out customer without an account.

First of all, a customer would add a product to the quote request using the "Add to Quote Request" button:

Add to Quote Request button

Then they can fill out the customisable quote form and send the quote request:

Filling Out a Quote Form

This opens up a conversation where the customer and shop manager can negotiate, sending messages back-and-forth:

Quote Request Conversation on Customer Side

The shop manager will receive an email notification and can view a list of quote requests in the backend, in B2BKing -> Conversations:

Quotes List in the Backend

They can then send messages, as well as make an offer:

Quote Conversation in the Backend

If the shop manager clicks on "Make offer", this opens up the offers panel:

Create Offer Panel

Once the offer is created, the customer will receive an email notification about the offer:

New Offer Email Received by Customer

Then they can view and add the offer to cart in My Account -> Offers:

Customer's Offers Panel in My Account -> Offers

This offer can be added to cart and purchased directly, but can also be downloaded as a PDF file, with the shop's logo and info:

Offer PDF File

If the offer is added to cart, the customer can then checkout normally:

Checking Out With Offer in Cart

Note: Changes can be made to the above flow, such as showing or hiding prices, or using both quote and the cart system at the same time.

Quote Request Features #

Now that we have seen how a typical quote flow works, let's take a look at options and features. B2BKing introduces several features for quote request functionality. It is possible to enable:

  • quote requests for logged out users
  • quote requests for logged in users
  • quotes on specific products or categories only
  • both cart (direct purchasing) and quotes at the same time
  • discuss with customers and negotiate via the messaging functionality
  • send offers to customers in response to quote requests: offers can be sent via email, as PDFs with the company logo, and can be purchased directly by customers
  • customize the quote request form fields, show or hide prices, use a quote form shortcode, and more!

Read below to learn about how each of these works.

Enable Quotes for Logged Out Users #

If you'd like to hide prices and enable quotes for logged out users only, the simplest way to do it is through the setting in B2BKing -> Settings -> Access Restriction -> Replace prices with "Request a Quote"

Replace prices with "Request a Quote" for logged out users.

Enable Quotes for Logged In Users #

If you need to enable quotes for logged in users as well, the way to do it is through "Replace Cart with Quote System" dynamic rules.

Quotes on Specific Products / Categories Only #

To enable quotes on only specific products or categories, you would need to create a "Quotes on Specific Products" dynamic rule.

Use Both Quotes and Cart at the Same Time #

To use both quotes and the cart system at the same time, you can enable the "Request custom quote" button, which B2BKing adds to the cart page. This button can be used alongside the normal cart functionality, giving customers a choice between purchasing outright and requesting a quote for a larger or more complex order.

>>> Learn more about configuring the request custom quote button.

Customers can add a product to cart, but instead of proceeding with the order as normal, they can use the "Request custom quote" button:

Request custom quote button in cart

Email notifications #

Whenever a new quote request is started or a message is sent in relation to a quote request, B2BKing automatically sends an email notification with the message content. This can be enabled or disabled in the WooCommerce Email Settings panel.

To see more about how email notifications look and work see the "Email notification" section in the Conversations documentation page.

Conversations and Offers #

To learn more about Conversations and Offers, please see each functionality's documentation page.

B2BKing 3.8.0 Update #

Version 3.8.0 of B2BKing brings some exciting new improvements and enhancements to quote requests and how quote requests work. The main features introduced are:

  • Easily convert quote requests to offers / quotes
  • Email these offers easily to users, including guest users
  • Users can download PDF files of your offers, with your company Logo
Offer PDF

How to Email Offers to Customers #

In each offer's backend, under the "Publish" box, there is an "Email Offer" button:

By clicking on "Email Offer", the offer will be sent to everybody that has visibility: that includes selected groups, selected users, and email addresses entered.

How to Add & Manage Custom Quote Fields #

Go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other -> Quote Requests -> and click on Manage Quote Form Fields

Manage Quote Form Fields

There it is possible to add, edit or configure custom fields:

Note: Default fields cannot be removed. They are added dynamically by the plugin. Name and email are only requested for logged out users. Logged in users will see only the message field.

You can configure custom quote fields for the quote form, by choosing from 9 types of fields: text, textarea, number, dropdown, file upload, etc.

Hide or Show Prices #

By default, quote products have their prices hidden. However, if you'd like to show prices, you can do this by going to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other and disabling "Hide prices in quote-only mode".

Control whether prices show for quote products

Quote Form Shortcode #

You can add the quote request form to any page, by adding the following shortcode:


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