Payment Methods Min and Max Order Value

B2BKing allows you to set a minimum or maximum order threshold for paying with particular payment methods. This is achieved through "Payment Method Min / Max Order" rules.

These rules are very flexible: they can be created for any payment method, for B2B / B2C / Specific Users / Groups, and can be based on a minimum or maximum cart value or quantity.

Examples and Options #

Here are a few examples of what can be set up:

  • You can allows payments through Stripe only for orders > $100
  • You can only allow Cash on Delivery for orders < $200
  • B2B users can use bank transfers only for orders > $5,000
  • B2C users can checkout through COD only for orders > $500
  • You can allow PayPal payments only for orders with less than 10 items
Group options: B2B, B2C, Logged Out, etc.
Payment method options: all payment methods are available
Min / max options for cart value and cart quantity

How to Set Up Rules #

To create such rules, go to B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules and add a new "Payment Method Min / Max Order" rule.

Rule Example: B2B Buyers can pay with Bank Transfer only for orders > $1,500

If a payment method is below the minimum or over the maximum, the method will be hidden during checkout.

Rules are calculated based on the cart total and also include shipping cost. That means that for example switching between shipping methods with different costs could make a payment method available.

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