Payment Methods Min and Max Order Value

B2BKing allows you to set a minimum or maximum order threshold for paying with particular payment methods. Here are a few examples of what you can do with it:

  • You can allows payments through Stripe only for orders > $100.
  • You can only allow Cash on Delivery for orders < $200
  • B2B users can use bank transfers only for orders > $5000
  • B2C users can checkout through COD only for orders > $500

The configuration is simple: select who the rule applies to, the payment method, and the minimum or maximum value.

Dynamic Rule Configuration

The rule applies to cart totals, and even includes shipping costs. For example, switching between a flat rate shipping method costing $9, say postage, and a more expensive method, UPS, costing $25, the difference between the two can be enough to make a payment method available.

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