(Issue) Wrong prices or incorrect price or subtotal display.

A relatively common problem that can happen when setting up B2BKing is seeing incorrect prices or subtotals, such as for example correct prices on the product page, but incorrect prices in cart.

Plugin Conflicts #

The most common cause of such issues (especially if prices are correct in one place, but incorrect in another), is a plugin conflict.

Such conflicts happen most often with other plugins that modify prices, such as discount plugins, promotional plugins, currency plugins, etc.

We recommend that you try deactivating all other site plugins except B2BKing and WooCommerce, and check if the issue still occurs. If that solves it, you can then re-activate plugins until you discover which plugin is involved in the conflict.

If you discover a conflict, assess whether the conflicting plugin is essential to your setup or if it can be removed or replaced.

Currency Plugins #

If you have an issue related to currency plugins, please note B2BKing is currently best integrated with the Fox currency plugin: you can read more about currency configuration here.

Other Issues #

There are some other known issues that can result in incorrect prices.

(1) Cart Widget / Divi Cart / Non-Standard Cart

B2BKing is built to work correctly with the standard WooCommerce cart. Using other carts, such as cart widgets or carts added by builders like Divi, Elementor, etc may result in pricing issues on the cart page.

This problem happens frequently with Divi, which may add its own cart widget. Fortunately, there's a simple fix: replace any cart widget with the [woocommerce_cart] shortcode.

When in doubt, and if you encounter issues on the cart page, try creating a new page and adding the above shortcode. Then, check if the newly created page displays the correct prices.

Solving Pricing Issues #

Besides removing or replacing a plugin that's in conflict with B2BKing, here are some other possible approaches:

(1) Activate "product addons" compatibility

If you see a conflict with a product addons or product options plugin, try going to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other and activate the compatibility setting there:

This is a generic solution and not perfect in all cases, but it can often help resolve issues.

(2) Deactivate B2BKing pricing features

B2BKing's price features can also be deactivated - this is a last-resort solution, but it may be helpful in case you have multiple plugins that you must use together with B2BKing, and there is no other solution.

To do this, go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other -> Components and activate these switches:

(3) Use B2BKing Cart Discounts

You may find that a conflict is related to B2BKing's group prices (B2B prices entered on the product page), or discounts as sale prices (discount rules added directly to the price).

You may want to consider setting a B2B price through cart discounts instead. To do this, go to B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules and create a rule such as this one:

Cart discount rule with "discount as sale price" checkbox disabled.

Such a rule will add the discount as a line under cart totals:

This approach has the best possible compatibility with other plugins, because it sets a discount only after subtotals have been calculated. Therefore these discounts on the cart page will usually work together correctly with almost all other plugins.

Contact Support #

We stand by to assist! It could be a different issue, or also some kind of issue or bug in B2BKing itself. Contact us and we'll be happy to check, assist and advise.

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