Group Rules: Automatic Group Changes Based on Amount Spent

How Group Rules Work #

Introduced in B2BKing 3.8.0, group rules (automatic group changes) enable the automatic movement of users between groups based on their purchase amounts. This can be based on the total, yearly, or monthly spend.

For example, this allows you to move a user from the group "Regular B2B" to "VIP" when they reach $100,000 in total purchase amount.

How to Access Group Change Rules #

This feature is found by going to B2BKing -> Group Rules:

To add a new rule, click on the "Create new rule" button.

Introducing Yearly and Monthly Rules #

Starting in B2BKing 4.4.0, it is now also possible to set up monthly and yearly rules, based on the amount spent during the previous month or year:

These rules are calculated starting with the first day of each new month. So for example starting on 1 February, the plugin will calculate the amount spent by each customer during the month of January which just ended.

Please note: the rules are applied for each user when that user first logs in during the month. This means the rules are applied to user X when they first log in during February, whether that's February 1, or February 5. This is for site performance reasons.


The above rule will move users from the 'B2B Users' group to the 'VIP B2B' group if they have purchased at least $1500 during the previous month.

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