Purchase lists (wish lists, requisition lists)

What are purchase lists? #

In B2B e-commerce, purchase lists provide an easy, quick way for companies to order or re-order specific lists. This is an important functionality, as many businesses have supply and stock that have to be replenished periodically.

How does B2BKing implement purchase lists? #

B2BKing adds a dedicated "Purchase Lists" section in a user's My Account section in WooCommerce.

Purchase lists section in My Account
New Purchase Lists Design

Purchase lists and multiple buyers per account (Subaccounts) #

Purchase lists, like many other features in B2BKing are integrated with the subaccounts feature. This means that in a particular account, subaccounts can also have permission to view lists. This and other permissions can be set and managed for each subaccount.

Subaccount permission setting to view all purchase lists in the account

Purchase list functionalities #

Purchase lists can be added to cart, edited or deleted. Purchase lists also use an Instant, AJAX-powered search that allows instantly adding new products.

Individual purchase list view

Save cart as purchase list #

B2BKing also introduces a button that allows users to save the current cart as a purchase list, so that it can easily be viewed or ordered again at a later time.

"Save as purchase list" button in the cart

Enabling and disabling purchase list functionality #

You can easily enable or disable purchase lists through the dedicated setting in the Settings panel of B2BKing.

Enable purchase lists setting in B2BKing's Settings panel

Purchase List CSV Downloads #

Starting with B2BKing 3.1 can now also be downloaded by customers as CSV files.

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