Replace Cart with Quote System Rule

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B2BKing 1.9.0 introduces a new dynamic rule: "Replace Cart with Quote System".

This option was previously available as a setting in Guest Access Restriction settings as "replace prices with request a quote". The new dynamic rule expands this option to all users and groups.

How it works #

The option completely disables the default Cart functionality, hides prices, and replaces the "Add to cart" system with a "Add to Quote" system.

Users for whom this applies will not be able to see prices or order, and will only be able to add items to a quote basket and message you requesting a custom quote.

How to configure #

This can be configured in B2BKing->Dynamic Rules->Create a new rule for "Replace Cart with Quote System" and choose for whom it applies. Configuration examples below, with 1, and with multiple options selected:

Configuration with 1 option
Configuration with Select Multiple Options

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