Replace Cart with Quote System Rule

B2BKing allows you to completely replace the normal cart / purchase functionality with a quote system, for specific users or groups. These users will no longer be able to purchase directly, but will instead have to request a quote first.

Note: this rule can be used to enable quotes for logged out, or logged in users, and applies to all products.

If you need to apply quotes on specific products / categories only, you can use the "Quotes on Specific Products" rule instead.

How It Works #

The option completely disables the default Cart functionality and replaces the "Add to cart" system with an "Add to Quote" system.

Add to Quote Request button

Then users will be able to request a quote:

Note: the fields in the quote form (phone, company, etc.) are customizable and it is possible to create or edit custom quote fields, including text fields, dropdowns, dates, file uploads, etc.

How to Configure #

These rules can be configured in B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules -> Create a new rule where you can choose a "Replace Cart with Quote System" rule and choose the users or groups it applies to.

Rules can apply to a single option:

Configuration with 1 option

Rules can also apply to multiple users and groups:

Configuration with Select Multiple Options

Hide or Show Prices #

By default, when quote requests are used, prices are hidden. However, this can be controlled via settings. To show prices while in quote mode, you can go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other and disable "Hide prices in quote-only mode".

Hide or Show Prices for Quote Products

Additional Info #

Learn more about quote request functionality in B2BKing by viewing our primary "How Quote Requests Work" documentation.

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