Tiered Price Rules

As you may know, B2BKing has a powerful Tiered Pricing Discount & Table feature which allows you to apply tiered discounts which are easy to understand and beautifully displayed to customers:

Until now these discounts had to be configured individually for each product.

Through 'Tiered Price Rules', we are now introducing the ability to quickly configure tiered discounts for a large number of products at once.

How to Use Tiered Price Rules & Examples #

An important setting when using these rules is entering discounts as percentages instead of final prices. To enable this, go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Tiered Pricing and enable 'Enter % Instead of Prices'.

Now, to create a rule, go to B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules and create a 'Tiered Price' rule such as the following:

This rule gives a 5% discount for 10+ pieces purchased, 10% discount for 20+ pieces, and 15% discount for 50+ pieces.

After saving the rule, if you go to a product page, you will see a discount table is now displayed:

Rule Priority and Usage #

At the bottom of the tiered prices panel there is a rule priority setting:

When multiple rules apply to a product, the rule with the highest priority will apply. So for example, you could create a general rule with priority 1 that applies to "all products". But for a specific category of products you can create another rule with priority 2 - this rule will apply to that category.

Product Page Tables #

Tiered price tables can still be created for each product, directly on the product page backend:

If such a table exists, this table takes priority over all rules. So tables configured directly on the product page are considered more important and will be applied over tables created through rules.

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