How to Setup a Sales Agents Registration Form

If you're looking to allow sales agents to register / apply for an account, here's what you need to know:

You can enable this either through the B2BKing plugin (built-in integration with B2BKing's registration feature), or through most Forms plugins, such as WP Forms or Gravity Forms.

If you use a Forms plugin, you need to configure 2 user meta keys as part of the registration form:

  • salesking_user_choice must have the value agent
  • salesking_group must have the value of a an agent group ID (e.g. 1234). To get the group ID, you can go to SalesKing -> Groups and click on a group, the number in the URL is the ID.

For example, here is a guide for how to set up user meta keys with WPForms

The 2 fields needed can be configured as "hidden fields".

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