(Issue) B2BKing Pages Do Not Load - Infinite Loading Icon

An issue you may see when trying to navigate B2BKing backend pages is the following infinite loading icon:

B2BKing uses an AJAX loading system for its backend pages and this problem happens when there is an error during this AJAX request.

What causes this? #

In our experience, this is almost always caused by plugin conflicts with other plugins that throw errors during the page load requests.

How to solve this? #

A quick way to solve this is simply disabling B2BKing's AJAX loading, and using normal page loading instead. This can be done by adding the following PHP code snippet to your site:

add_filter( 'b2bking_ajax_pages_load', '__return_false');

Another option is to identify what the error is and where it is coming from. One way to do it is to deactivate all other site plugins, which would usually resolve this. Then you can reactivate plugins one-by-one, until you identify which one is causing the issue.

You could also use a debug log plugin instead, such as the following one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/debug-log-config-tool/ - after adding this plugin, you could check the debug log and see more details about the specific error and the plugin that causes it.

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