BOGO Discounts (Buy X Get One Free)

Through B2BKing, it is possible to set up "Buy X Get One Free" rules (BOGO). These rules allow your customers to get an item free for each X items purchased.

How to Create BOGO Rules #

To set these up, go to B2BKing -> Dynamic Rules and create a "Buy X Get 1 Free" rule such as the following one:

The above rule creates a 'Buy 10 Get 1 Free' discount for the 'Product Bag' item.

What will then happen is that if there is a multiple of 10 pieces of that product in cart, the plugin will add a discount equivalent to 1 piece:

In the above image, the discount is $12.50 (equivalent to the price of 1 item). This scales with quantity, so that if the quantity in cart were to change to 20, the discount would become $25.

Buy X Get Y Free #

You may want to setup a discount scenario such as "Buy 7 Get 2 Free". In those situations, you can write that kind of rule as "Buy 3.5 Get 1 Free", which will have a similar result.

You could also force the product to use a multiple of 7 (a box quantity of 7) so that the quantity selector goes from 7 to 14, 21, 28, etc.


Rule configuration for a Buy 7 Get 2 Free Setup

Then if a customer were to add 7 items to cart, the plugin will give a discount equivalent to the value of 2 pieces:

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