Show Discounts as "Sale" Price

Calculated Discounted Prices Becomes Sale Price #

When creating a Discount (Amount) or Discount (Percentage) dynamic rule, you can enable the "Calculated Discounted Prices Becomes Sale Price" checkbox.

Calculated Discounted Prices Becomes Sale Price Checkbox

Enabling this checkbox has a profound effect on how discount rules work.

Effects of Disabling the Checkbox #

If this checkbox is disabled, discounts will only be displayed on the cart page, under cart totals, and will not be displayed on the product page or anywhere else on the website.

If checkbox is disabled, the discount is added to cart totals

Effects of Enabling the Checkbox #

If the checkbox is enabled, the discounted price becomes the sale price of each product, and is thus displayed everywhere on the site and on every page.

If checkbox is enabled, discounts are shown everywhere on the website

Considerations #

Something to keep in mind is that discounts with the checkbox disabled (discounts on the cart page), are generally more compatible, and less likely to run into conflicts with other plugins or pricing functionalities. Since these discounts are calculated only in cart, after all other calculations, they tend to work well with other plugins, discounts, add-ons, etc.

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