Translate B2BKing to Any Language (Localization)

B2BKing is coded according to WordPress Internationalization standards and can be translated fully to any language. The plugin comes with a .pot file, a translation template that can be accessed and translated with a specialized plugin such as Loco Translate or WPML.

If your site has a single language, then we recommend you use Loco Translate, but if you want your site to have multiple languages, then we recommend you use WPML.

For example, if your site is in Polish and you want to simply translate B2BKing to Polish, it will be easiest to use Loco Translate.

However, if you want customers to be able to choose between English, French, and Polish through a dropdown on the frontend, then WPML will be a better choice.

Translate B2BKing with Loco Translate #

1. Download the free plugin called Loco Translate from here. Or add directly from the WordPress administration via Plugins > Add New.

2. Install and Activate.

3. Go to the new Loco Translate menu item created in your Dashboard with six sub-sections.

4. Go to the Plugins section, and select B2BKing Pro (when you have B2BKing Core and B2BKing Pro, ONLY B2BKing Pro needs to be translated):

5. Add new languages using the Add New Language link:

6. Choose the language to add in the list, or enter the language ISO code (ex: fr_FR, en_US etc…), and select the folder to add the translation files to, and click Start Translating:

Note that Loco Translate offers three different locations for your create the translating, the best choice is Other if you are looking to have your own custom translating, you should avoid “Author” location since it’s inside the plugin and will be overwritten on updates.

7. Click Save when finished:

Translate Registration Fields and Roles with Loco Translate #

To translate registration fields and registration roles (registration dropdown options), if you are translating the website to a single language:

For fields go to B2BKing->Registration Fields, click "Edit" on each field, and directly modify the Label and Placeholder:

Change label and placeholder text directly

For roles (individual customer, b2b users) go to B2BKing->Registration Roles, click "Edit" on each role, and directly modify the title:

Translate site with WPML #

If you are translating your site using WPML, please see our dedicated WPML Translation Guide.

Common Translation Issues #

When translating the plugin, sometimes you may not be able to find one or multiple strings.

A solution that often works to resolve this is to go to Loco Translate -> Plugins -> B2BKing Pro and choose a language.

Then click on the SYNC button:

After clicking sync, please try again to find your strings as they may now be visible.

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