Display prices Excluding tax for B2B users and Including tax for B2C users in WooCommerce - Configuring Tax Exemptions.

B2BKing allows you to display prices incl. tax for B2B, and excl. tax for B2C.

The tax can be removed completely, or it can be removed in shop pages but added to the cart and checkout pages.

Here's how to configure this:

Step 1) WooCommerce Settings #

The following configuration is required.

Go to WooCommerce-> Settings-> Tax and set the following:

  • Display prices including tax in cart
  • Display prices including tax in shop pages

In WooCommerce->Settings->Tax->Standard Rates, make sure rates are set:

If tax percentage rates are not set for your customer's billing country, the tax exemption will not work!

Step 2) Tax Exemption #

Configure a tax exemption by going to B2BKing-> Dynamic Rules-> Create a new rule with the following configuration:

  • Rule type: Tax Exemption
  • Applies to: All registered B2B users
  • Select which countries this should apply to (CTRL+A to select all, if all countries)
  • Requires: either nothing or a VIES-validated VAT ID (for EU stores)
B2BKing Tax Exemption Configuration

After you followed these steps, B2B users should now see prices exclusive of Tax

Option: Pay Tax in Cart #

You may want B2B users to see prices exclusive of tax, but finally pay the tax in cart / checkout to comply with your country's regulations. To do this, you can use the option "Pay Tax in Cart: Yes" in tax exemption configuration.

Doing this will add the tax as a subtotal, calculated for each item based on tax class (but prices will be displayed excluding tax).

Option: Withholding Tax (Ritenuta D'Acconto) #

To display tax in cart but not require B2B users to pay it, you can use the option "Pay Tax in Cart: Withholding Tax".

Doing this will add the tax as a non payable subtotal (informational only).

Zero Tax Products #

In various circumstances you may want to remove tax from only specific products or categories. To do this, use B2BKing's Dynamic Rule: Zero Tax Products. This rule allows you to select specific products or categories and specific user groups.

Configuration example for the "Accessories" category with Zero Tax Products

Troubleshooting - Common Issues #

Many users have seen issues with tax exemptions because of a setting that is enabled incorrectly: in B2BKing->Settings->Other Settings->VAT-> "Within EU, require delivery country to be different than shop country for VAT exemption. ".

We do not recommend this setting in most situations - it is only for niche cases - it often prevents exemptions from applying correctly.

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