Release 1.8.0: Price Lists, CSV Import / Export, Pricing in the Product Page

We have an exciting new feature in the latest 1.8.0 version of the plugin. You can now control pricing directly in the product page for each simple product or variation, as you can see in the image below:

Pricing directly in the product page
Pricing for each variation, for each B2B group

Product Meta Data #

If you want to set this price directly via metadata (directly in the database, or using any import tool), here are the 2 metadata you need:


Replace "GROUPID" with the ID of the group you are setting prices for.


If you set product meta b2bking_regular_product_price_group_222 = 199 , this means that B2B users in the group with ID 222 will see the product's price as $199.

CSV Import / Export #

The latest version also comes with a CSV import and export tool to help you handle large numbers of products.

This is a basic tool and not a dedicated one, so if you are familiar with other import tools such as WP ALL IMPORT, we recommend using whichever tool you are familiar with.

You can find the B2BKing built-in tool under B2BKing->Tools->Import/Export

B2BKing CSV Import / Export Tool

Recommended Workflow

  • Step 1: Use the download button to get the current price list
  • Step 2: Modify the prices in the downloaded CSV file
  • Step 3: Upload the modified CSV with the import tool

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