Price Lists & Pricing for Each B2B Group

With B2BKing, it is possible to create B2B customer groups and assign each customer to a specific group. Then you can set a separate price for each group when editing a product or variation.

Setting prices for each group on the product page backend

In the above example, we can see that the "Regular price" is $699, whereas the "B2B Users Regular price" is $599.

When a logged out user views that product's page, they will see it as:

Product page seen by logged out user

However, if a user logs in with a B2B account, they will see the following:

Product page seen by logged in B2B user

Product Meta Data #

Prices can also be set directly via metadata (directly in the database, or using any import tool). To do that, here are the 2 meta keys that can be used:


Replace "GROUPID" with the ID of the group you are setting prices for.


If you set the product meta key b2bking_regular_product_price_group_222 = 199, then B2B users in the group with ID 222 will see the product's price as $199.

Note: these metadata keys apply only for group pricing (regular and sale price). For tiered price metadata, please see the dedicated tiered pricing documentation.

CSV Import / Export #

It is also possible to import and export group prices, either by using B2BKing's price tool, or by using the WooCommerce products importer integration.

B2BKing CSV Import / Export Tool

To learn about using these tools, please see the dedicated documentation article:

How to Bulk Import / Export Product Prices

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