Bulk Variations Table & Grid

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Beta: This feature is currently experimental, in a beta state. We are still working on developing and improving it.

The bulk variations table enables you to display all variations of a variable product in an easy-to-use format. This allows customers to quickly view and add multiple options to their cart at once.

Bulk Variations Table for a Product with 1 Attribute (Size)

The table shows the total value of the products ordered and is also integrated with B2BKing's tiered pricing to calculate prices based on the total number of items.

Variations Table in Action + Add to Cart

In the case of products with multiple attributes, the table will hide or show variations based on which attributes are selected by the customer.

Variations Table with Multiple Attributes

Settings and Configuration #

To enable this table, go to the B2BKing tab in product configuration, and enable "Show Variations Table":

Enabling Variations Table

The table offers 2 location options:

  • Below Product
  • Replace Add to Cart Form
Location Options

The default option, "below product", adds it to the product page below the main product and 'add to cart' area.

On the other hand, if you select 'replace add to cart form', the default 'add to cart' button is removed and replaced by this variations table.

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