Add B2BKing and B2B functionality to an existing B2C site

Many B2C shops commonly consider adding a B2B component or dedicated section for wholesale or business customers.

B2BKing has a dedicated "B2B & B2C Hybrid" mode built exactly for this purpose: it will add B2B functionality to the site, without affecting the experience of existing B2C users.

To set this up initially, we recommend making the following settings:

-> In B2BKing -> Settings -> Main Settings, set the plugin to "B2B & B2C Hybrid".


This ensures that B2B features such as purchase lists or subaccounts are only available to your B2B customers.

-> In B2BKing -> Settings -> Access Restriction -> Guest Access Restriction, set it to "None".


This ensures that logged out users are not restricted in any way.

-> By default, B2BKing adds a 'user type' dropdown to registration, so that users can choose between B2B and B2C when they register. If you would like to, it is possible to completely separate the 2 types of registration and keep the main my account page as B2C-only.

By making these initial settings, B2BKing should have no visible effect on your site, and the experience of your B2C customers should be unaffected.

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