How to enable / disable Payment and Shipping Methods based on users or groups

You can control payment and shipping methods in WooCommerce with B2BKing in the Groups panel. The first step is to go to B2BKing->Groups.

B2BKing Groups Panel

Here you can control available methods for 3 categories of users:

  • Logged Out Users
  • B2C Users
  • Business Groups Users

Control Payment and Shipping Methods for B2C/Logged Out Users #

If you click on "Logged Out Users" or "B2C Users", you will see the following panel:

B2BKing B2C Users Group Panel

You can check or uncheck options and when you are done, click "Save Settings"

Control Payment and Shipping Methods for Business Groups Users #

After clicking on "Business Groups", you can then set payment and shipping methods for each user group.

Business Group Panel for "Factories" Group

Simply check and uncheck desired options for the specific business group and then click "Update" to save your settings.

Issue: I can't see my shipping method in B2BKing > Groups #

If you're not able to see your shipping method in B2BKing ->Groups, it's probably because it uses a non-standard implementation mechanism (not visible as a standard method in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping)

You can try to add the following PHP snippet to the site to see if it can fix it:

add_filter('b2bking_use_zone_shipping_control', function($val){
    return false;
}, 10, 1);

The above snippet changes the shipping control mechanism uses by B2BKing from a zone-based mechanism to a non-zone mechanism, and thus different methods will be available. This will help if your shipping method is not added to a particular zone.

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