How to set different Minimum Order Thresholds for different users with WooCommerce and B2BKing

Are you looking to set a minimum order value or minimum order quantity for your WooCommerce customers? Or do you need different minimum thresholds for different users or user groups? Here's how to do it.

How to Set Minimum Order Thresholds #

B2BKing's dynamic rules system allows you to configure minimum, and maximum order rules. These rules are flexible and can be set for the cart total, for specific products, specific categories, as well as for specific users or groups.


When purchasing "Cabernet Sauvignon 2018", customers in the group "Resellers" must purchase a minimum of 5 bottles:

Minimum 5 Wine Bottles Rule

Example 2

When purchasing products from the "Wines" category, the user "jjohnsonsllc" must purchase a minimum of $200 from that category:

Minimum $200 worth of wines for jjohnsonsllc

Set Min / Max / Step Quantities on Product Page #

It is also possible to set a min, max or step quantity directly on the product page. This is achieved by editing a product and going to the B2BKing panel, to "Quantity Rules":

For example, we configure a minimum of 20, maximum of 50 and step quantity (box quantity) of 5:

This is the frontend result:

The customer cannot add less than the maximum, more than the minimum, or any quantity outside the box quantity multiple.

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