How to set different Minimum Order Thresholds for different users with WooCommerce and B2BKing

Do you want to set a minimum order value or minimum order quantity for your WooCommerce customers? Or do you need to set different thresholds for different users or user groups? Here's how to do it.

We have already discussed how to set different prices for different users or groups in this article. Let's see how we can set different minimum order quantities or values!

How to set Different Minimum Orders #

You can do thos through B2BKing's "Dynamic Rules" system by setting 2 Minimum (or maximum) Order rules. The Dynamic rule system is powerful and versatile and allows you to set everything from minimum order amounts and discounts to tax exemptions. The system also allows you set conditions for complete control.

Let's set a "Minimum Order" rule!

Minimum 5 Wine Bottles rule

The rule above sets a minimum order of 5 pieces for "Cabernet Sauvignon 2018" for users in the "Resellers" grup.

Let's set another "Minimum Order" rule!

Minimum $200 worth of wines for jjohnsonsllc

In the rule above, we set a minimum order value of $200 for a particular user (jjohnsonsllc) for products in the "Wines" category. That means they need to purchase wines worth at least $200 to be able to checkout.

One more rule!

The rule above requires a minimum quantity of 25 Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 for "spencerllc". That means that if they purchase any of that particular product, then they will need at least 25 pieces to be able to checkout.

Set Min / Max / Step Quantities on Product Page Directly #

(New!) It's now also possible to set a min , max or step quantity directly on the product page.

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