Completely separate B2B and B2C registration in WooCommerce with B2BKing

You can either use a dropdown and have users choose whether they are B2B or B2C on registration, or completely separate the 2 types of registration.

You can completely separate the two types of registration in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. In Settings->Registration settings, disable the dropdown

Step 2. Create a new WordPress page for B2B registration

Step 3. Insert one of the following shortcodes in the newly created page:

[b2bking_b2b_registration] for Login + Registration forms

In order to see the registration form, and not just login, the following setting needs to be enabled: In WooCommerce->Settings->Accounts you need to enable “Allow customers to create an account on the “My account” page”.

[b2bking_b2b_registration_only] for only the Registration form

Shortcode Parameters #

You can also use the parameter registration_role_id, which has the following effects:

  1. Shows only fields of that particular role
  2. Hides the User Type dropdown

Usage example:

[b2bking_b2b_registration_only registration_role_id=454]

How to find the Role ID #

Go to B2BKing->Registration Roles and click on the particular Role (B2B, Individual, Reseller, etc.). The number in the URL (e.g. post.php?post=4225466&action=edit) is the role ID

How to separate My Account pages as well #

Since version 3.0.1:

The my account page will adapt and show different content to b2b/b2c users, so it is not necessary to have a separate my account page. However if you do, here is how to set that up:

  • In B2BKing->Settings->Registration-> set the page in 'Separate My Account Page for B2B Users'
  • Instead of the shortcodes above, use [b2bking_b2b_registration_separate]

Other shortcodes #

If you'd like to add a separate login on a page, you can use:

[b2bking_login_only] for only the Login form

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