Completely separate B2B and B2C registration in WooCommerce with B2BKing

You may want to have separate B2B and B2C registration pages, or even separate my account areas. In this article, we discuss possible options.

Note: This feature is available only in the paid B2BKing (Pro) versions.

User Type Dropdown (Default) #

First of all, here is how the the default registration works. This is done through a single "User Type" dropdown with multiple B2C / B2B options (also known as registration roles):

Choosing an option (registration role) will show only the registration fields of that role.

You can check how this works in our live demo here (click on "Create an account").

This dropdown is enabled or disabled through the setting in B2BKing -> Settings -> Registration -> Enable Dropdown & Fields:

Completely Separate B2B and B2C Registration #

If you prefer to have separate pages rather than this dropdown, you can completely separate the two types of registration, by following these steps:

Step 1. In B2BKing -> Settings -> Registration, disable the dropdown setting:

Step 2. Create a new WordPress page for B2B registration

Step 3. Insert one of the registration shortcodes in the newly created page:

  • [b2bking_b2b_registration] for Login + Registration

In order to see the registration form, and not just login, the following setting needs to be enabled: In WooCommerce -> Settings -> Accounts you need to enable “Allow customers to create an account on the “My account” page”.

  • [b2bking_b2b_registration_only] for only Registration
  • You can get more pre-configured shortcodes by going to B2BKing -> Registration Roles and clicking on "Registration Form Shortcodes":

This opens up the registration shortcode configurator:

Here you can see a shortcode for each registration role, as well as check the box which adds the login form if you need it.


On our test site we want to create a registration form only for wholesalers, with both login and registration. We open the registration shortcode configurator, check the login box, then copy the shortcode:

We copy the shortcode [b2bking_b2b_registration registration_role_id=12] and add it to a new page.

Please note the specific shortcode (and registration_role_id) is unique to each site, so you must use the configurator on your own site.

How to separate My Account pages as well #

The my account page will automatically adapt and show different content to B2B and B2C users, so it is not necessary to have a separate my account page. In most cases we do NOT recommend it, as it can create issues.

However if you must have different account pages, here is how to set that up:

  • In B2BKing -> Settings -> Registration -> choose the B2B page under 'Separate My Account Page for B2B'
  • Instead of the shortcodes above, you must use [b2bking_b2b_registration_separate]

Login Shortcode #

If you'd like to add a separate login form to a page, you can use:

[b2bking_login_only] for only the Login form

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