Multi-Currency Support

There are a number of multi-currency plugins on the market, such as FOX, YayCurrency, CURCY, YITH MultiCurrency, etc.

These plugins work by changing the final price according to an exchange rate. Since B2BKing also changes final prices (to apply discounts or wholesale pricing), these plugins are often in conflict with B2BKing functionalities and require special integrations.

Integrations built by us #

(1) We have specially integrated B2BKing with the FOX (formerly WOOCS) currency switcher plugin.

Fox Currency Switcher Plugin

For multi-currency setups, our recommendation is to use the free FOX version above, or the FOX premium version.

This is currently the most comprehensive integration available and should work across group prices, tiered prices, dynamic rules, etc.

(2) B2BKing also has a limited / partial integration with the WCML (WPML multi-currency) feature; however, that is not completely integrated with all functionalities.

Integrations built by 3rd parties #

(1) The YayCurrency plugin also mentions support for B2BKing.

We have independently tested that this works correctly for group prices - although in our tests it appeared there may be potential issues with more complex setups such as tiered pricing or dynamic rule discounts.

Last updated: 19 November, 2023

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