How to Edit SalesKing Dashboard Page Templates

SalesKing allows you to edit most of its built-in pages, by copying the PHP templates to your theme folder (or child theme if you're using one) inside a folder named 'salesking', and then editing them directly. This is similar to how WooCommerce works. By using this method and a child theme, you can make changes that are not lost when the theme or plugin is updated.

You can use this to edit the following pages:

  • All dashboard pages: Announcements, Messages, Coupons, Earnings, My Team, etc.

For example, if you want to edit the earnings page template:

Go to the plugin folder of SalesKing/public/dashboard and copy the file named earnings.php

Then go to your theme folder such as wp-content/themes/storefront/salesking/ and paste the file there. (you would need to first create a 'salesking' folder initially).

Now you can edit earnings.php under the theme folder and add your own custom changes.

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