What is the difference between Registration Roles and Groups?

Registration Roles are the public options in the registration dropdown. Users must choose one of these when they register.

Roles are the public options available to customers, whereas groups are the private management structures you use to organize customers however you want.

Example 1)

A user can apply for the "Business" role, and you will review their business information and documents. After review, you can decide to place them either in the "Small Businesses" group, in the "Large Businesses" group, or in the "VIP" group, each group with its own prices and terms.

A customer's group is not visible to them.

Example 2)

A customer applies for the "International Businesses" role during registration, but during review you find out they're only a small store, so you either reject their account, or you decide to place them in the "Small Businesses" group.

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