How to set existing users as subaccounts

Subaccounts can be created by each user in My Account -> Subaccounts. However, you may want to add / set subaccounts in the backend. You can do this in B2BKing -> Tools -> User Editor -> Set users as subaccounts.

Here is a usage example:

1.  I have 2 users: 'mike' and 'mikeasda'. I want to make the second a subaccount of 'mike'.


2. I click on both users and I am taken to their profile page. In the URL, I find the user ID.

  • mike has the user id 28
  • mikeasda has the user id 73

3. I go to B2BKing -> Tools -> User Editor and I enter the IDs here:

(subaccount ID in the first field, parent ID in the second field).

4. I click ' Set accounts as subaccounts of parent' and that's it. The 2 users have now been linked:


This is now visible on the subaccount's user profile page:

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