How to Stop Registration Spam / Set up Captcha

A common issue seen by many shops is getting spam registrations. These may go through even with the site using the "manual approval" features, as spam bots can bypass these.

Fortunately there is an easy solution to this: adding a Captcha or Antispam plugin to your registration form.

Most captcha plugins that work with WooCommerce are also compatible with B2BKing's B2B registration, as our plugin works by extending the WooCommerce registration. Therefore if a plugin can add a captcha to WooCommerce, that will usually work with B2BKing as well.

Captcha Plugins #

We have tested B2BKing with the following captcha plugins and we can confirm they work together correctly:

Please note other captcha plugins will likely work as well, these are just some examples that we specifically tested.

Depending on the mechanism used by the captcha plugin, it will add a verification mechanism. We recommend the "I'm not a robot" checkbox as a reliable solution:

Login vs Registration Captcha #

Generally we recommend only adding a captcha to the registration form.

Captcha is usually not needed for login, as bots would not have a way to login in most cases - on the other hand, login captcha can create unnecessary hassle for real users.

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