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Among the features introduced in the 2.2.0 update is a custom information table. While the tiered pricing table displays quantity/bulk discount/pricing setup, the custom information table is for everything else.

This feature will allow you to display any custom information you want (such as MSRP, Rules, Min Order Quantity/Value, Shipping Info, Weight, etc) and is a great addition to B2BKing's dynamic rules which can create complex pricing, discount and order setups that need to be explained to users.

The custom information table is optional, and accepts an unlimited number of rows, and any label + text in the rows. The user can thus show any desired info.

Custom Information Table Setup in Backend

The table is enabled through the "Show Custom Info Table" checkbox. You can then add labels and texts, which will be displayed inside the product page.

This table is per product, so it cannot be set per individual variation, unlike the tiered pricing table, which supports that.

The design of the custom information table follows the theme design, and will work with / adapt to any theme. Here is what the table looks like with the popular Porto theme:

Tiered Pricing Table in Porto Theme

Shortcode #

The product information table can also be added to a product page (for example relevant when you're designing a custom product page template using a tool like Elementor), by using the following shortcode:


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