Custom Information Table for Products

B2BKing introduces a custom information table that can be individually configured for each specific product. While the tiered pricing table displays bulk quantity discounts, the custom information table is for everything else.

It can be used to show any information, such as for example MSRP, Shipping Info, Weight, Min/Max order quantities, etc.

How to Setup a Product Information Table #

When configuring each product, a product information table can be enabled via the B2BKing tab in the left sidebar.

The table is enabled through the "Show Custom Info Table" checkbox. You can then configure a table for all users (regular), or for specific user groups.

Custom Information Table Setup in The Backend

If a table is configured for a group, it will only show to logged in users from that particular group. This way you can for example configure a table that is visible only visible to B2B customers, with information such as MSRP or box quantities.

Product Table Display and Design #

The design of the custom information table follows the theme design, and will work with / adapt to any theme. Here is what the table looks like on a page using the Storefront theme:

Tiered Pricing Table in Storefront Theme

Here is a different example, on a site using the Minimog theme:

Note: the table is per product, so in the cannot be set per individual variation, unlike the tiered pricing table, which supports that.

Table Shortcode #

The product information table can also be added to a product page by using the following shortcode:


This is not normally needed, as B2BKing adds the table automatically. However, you may need to add it via shortcode when designing a custom product page template with a builder such as Elementor.

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