VAT and VIES Validation

What features does B2BKing provide for VAT validation? #

B2BKing also provides a system through which companies can provide their VAT number, which can be required or not required based on the user's selected countries. This field is available in both registration and checkout

VIES Validation through Official API #

VIES Validation is official validation through the European ( API, which allows you to know for sure if a company's VAT number is valid.

You can choose not to allow a company to register or checkout unless they have a valid VAT number. Furthermore, you can choose to provide a tax exemption and show prices without taxes for users that have a valid VAT number.

B2BKing also checks if the VAT number is for the country that the user selects and displays an error message if not.

Failure to checkout due to invalid VAT number
Tax exemption on "Accessories" for users in specific countries with a VIES-validate VAT number

Tax Exemption based on VAT #

You can create tax exemption rules that require VIES-validation based on country. For example you can do the following:

  • Remove all tax for users with a valid VAT number
  • Remove tax on "Accesories" for users in Poland and Italy with a valid VAT number
  • Remove tax on a "Large box" product for registered users in Austria with a valid VAT number

VAT field options #

The VAT field can be present in registration, billing, checkout, or all. See the documentation article on "Registration" for more details

Options include making the field required, or selecting the countries that can see the field.

VAT Validation at Checkout #

Since version 2.4.0, B2BKing also has an option in B2BKing->Settings->Others->VAT Validation that allows VAT Validation + Exemptions at Checkout and Checkout Registration.

This means that it can apply VAT Exemptions and remove VAT from the cart of guest users when they checkout without an account, or when they register for the first time.

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