FAQ: "No available payment or shipping methods" / Method not visible issue

B2BKing has a feature to control payment and shipping method availability for logged out users / b2c users / each b2b group.

Not seeing methods is a common issue that happens when you assign users to B2B groups, but the group you assigned them to has no methods for shipping or payments enabled.

How can I fix it? #

Go to B2BKing -> Groups and choose the group that the user is part of. Here you need to enable shipping and payment methods via checkboxes.

Groups Interface where you need to enable shipping / payment methods

Click Save, and that's it!

Disable Shipping / Payment Methods Control #

If you do not need B2BKing to control shipping/payment methods and would like to completely disable this behaviour:

Go to B2BKing->Settings->Components & Speed and activate "Disable shipping & payment methods control"

Get Support #

If you still have issues, please open a support ticket with us at https://webwizards.ticksy.com

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