Set different prices for different users / groups

Prices by Group #

One of the best and easiest ways to configure different prices is based on user group. This way you can set different prices for B2C, B2B, as well as specific B2B groups directly when editing a product.

With B2BKing, you can configure any number of customer groups. For example here we have configured 2 groups: Standard B2B, and VIP B2B:

When editing a product, there are separate price fields for each customer group:

This way you can configure a price for B2C users, as well as a price for each B2B user group. In the above image we have set a price of $100 for B2C, $80 for "Standard B2B" and $60 for "VIP B2B".

When a logged out user (or a regular B2C user) visits the shop, they will see the product as costing $100:

However if a user logs in as part of the "Standard B2B" group, the same product will show as having a price of $60:

Prices by Individual Customer #

Besides group pricing, you can also set unique prices for each customer (by username), using "Fixed price" dynamic rules.


The following rule sets a fixed price of $150, for the product "Test Product", for the customer with the username "jimsson".

Many such rules can be created in various combinations. There is also the flexibility of adding conditions: for example you can set a price only if the customer orders above a certain quantity.

These rules can also be imported / created via REST API in case a large number of such rules are needed.

Discount Rules / Raise Price Rules #

There are other similar rules and price modifiers that can be used. First let's look at discount percentage rules.

The following rule creates a 25% discount on all products for the user "jimsson".

When that users logs in, they will see all prices with a discount. If a product normally costs $100, the user will see a sale price of $75:

Other similar rules that can be used are "Raise price" rules. Through these rules you can start with a base price (for example you could use your cost price), and then add a markup, such as 50% markup. In that case if a product has a base price of $100, with such a rule, the customer's price would become $150.

Tiered Pricing #

B2BKing can also configure tiered pricing and show a tiered pricing table. This allow you to set up a price (or discount %) for each quantity level purchased.

Additional Information #

B2BKing is built to be flexible and there are many other ways in which pricing can be set up. For example there are "Buy X Get 1 Free" rules, hidden price rules, tax exemptions that show B2B price ex. tax and B2C price inc. tax, etc.

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