Set Different Coupon Values for B2B User Groups

Different Coupon Values for Each Group #

When you are editing a coupon it is possible to set a different coupon value for each B2B group.

With this feature you can for example offer a "Christmas Discount" coupon that gives a 20% discount to retail users, but only 5% to B2B buyers.

You will find dedicated coupon amount fields for each group when editing a coupon:

For example in the above image the regular coupon amount is 15%, but the coupon amount for "Resellers" is 25%.

How to enable this feature #

Using this feature often results in conflicts with coupon plugins such as "WooCommerce Smart Coupons" - therefore we do not recommend to use it if you also use coupon plugins.

Because of that, the feature is deactivated by default. To activate it, go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Other -> Components and deactivate the switch here:

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