Change Currency for Users & Groups

Set Currency Rules #

B2BKing's "Set Currency" rules allow you to force specific users or groups to use a particular currency. This can be useful in cases where you have specific customers which would prefer to pay in a certain currency, such as their own national currency.

Note: These rules do not allow currency switching or live exchange rates! If you're looking for this, read below.


Let's say you are a EU-based company, which also has frequent UK-based buyers who would prefer to pay in GBP currency.

You can create 2 B2B groups, one for EUR currency, and another for GBP currency:

Then you can create a "Set Currency" rule, setting the GBP currency for the UK group:

Users in the UK group use the GBP currency

Enabling this sets all prices, totals and purchases to that specific currency, for that group.

In the product page backend, when configuring each product, you can enter different prices for different groups. In the following example we set 2 different prices for this product: 100 GBP, or 115 EUR, depending on the buyer group:

100 GBP price (UK customer group), or 115 EUR price (EU customer group)

Live Currency Rates / Switching #

If you're looking to allow your customers to switch between multiple currency rates, or to offer price conversions or automatic exchange rates, you would need to use a currency exchange plugin. This is also possible by using compatible currency exchange plugins.

Read more about compatible currency plugins / multi-currency support here.

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