(Issue) Bulk Order Form is not working or showing products

Here are the main situations that occur, and the things you should check if encountering issues with the form.

You see a shortcode instead of the form #

You may see a shortcode that appears to not be working, such as this:

This happens because B2BKing only adds features such as the bulk order form for B2B users.

To solve this:

(A) You can go to B2BKing -> Settings -> Main Settings and set the plugin to B2B Shop:

By doing this, it will become available to all users, including logged out users.

(B) Another option is to go to each user profile page and set each user to B2B. However please note this cannot work for logged out users.

To move all users to a B2B group at once, you can use the plugin's tool in B2BKing > Tools > Bulk Editor > Move all users to group

No products show in the bulk order form #

Another common issue is that you see the form, but it's empty and no products show by default or in any searches.

This can happen because none of your products are purchasable (can be added to cart). By default, B2BKing only shows purchasable products, which:

  • must be in stock or available on backorder
  • must have a price set
  • must have no restrictions that prevent adding to cart / quote (such as hidden prices)

If you see no products in search results, please make sure that those products can be added to cart.

Other solutions:

You can enable showing out of stock products in the form, by adding this PHP code snippet to your site:


You can also allow showing unpurchasable products with this snippet:


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