FAQ: Bulk Order Form is not working! Common Issues

Here are the main things you should check if encountering issues with the form.

1. Make sure your products have a "Regular Price" set

If you set the group price, but items do not have a regular price, they will not be visible in the bulk order form. The plugin uses the regular price to optimize the search query.

Regular price must be set for the bulk order form to see items

Furthermore, you should always have a regular price set for your products, as not having one can lead to issues with WooCommerce or with other plugins, as it can signal the items are not purchasable.

2. Make sure your user that you are testing the form with, is part of a B2B Group.

You should create a group in B2BKing > Groups > Business Groups, and make sure that your users are part of that group (even if you are running B2B Shop Mode). You can control group in the user's profile page:

Group control in the user's profile page

To move all users to a group at once, you can use the plugin's tool in B2BKing > Tools > Bulk Editor > Move all users to group

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